Get ready for some thrills and chills with Channel Zero, a horror anthology series. The first one is an adaptation of Kris Straub's Candle Cove, which tells the tale of a mysterious 1980s children's TV program and the show's role in a slew of murders.The second series is an adaptation of Brian Russell's creepypasta No-End House, which tells the tale of a young woman who must face her worst fears while making her way through the rooms of a house and discovers that her escape is just the beginning.The third series is an adaption of Kerry Hammond's Search and Rescue Woods, called Butcher's Block and featuring two sisters who must cope with their family's insanity while living in the socioeconomic sinkhole of Butcher's Block while dealing with red-robed dwarves and a long-gone family of meat-packing magnates that may not be as gone as everyone thinks. Add to my shows

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All You Ghost Mice 03x03
Alice has a terrifying encounter in an abandoned hospital. Luke, Louise and Nathan play cat-and-mouse with Robert Peach.
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Father Time 03x02
Zoe returns to the house strangely changed. Meanwhile, Luke arrests one of the Peaches, who has a snack in his cell. And Alice and Louise continue pursuing the mystery of the disappearances.
Insidious Onset 03x01
Alice and Zoe Woods move away from their mother to the city of Garret, and Alice takes a job as a social worker in "Butcher's Block", a rundown part of the city. She soon discovers a mystery when a mother and daughter disappear, and the mystery seems connected to nearby Medallion Park... which is haunted by a staircase that goes nowhere.
The Hollow Girl 02x06
One year after Margot reenters the House, Jules tracks it down and goes inside to get her friend. But the House isn't willing to let its food source depart.
The Damage 02x05
The cannibal John follows Margot home and tries to make a deal with her so he can stay in the real world. Meanwhile, Jules discovers that she's lost the memories of her mother, and Corinne returns home to see the memory-cannibal wearing her dead husband's face.
The Exit 02x04
The group heads to the House, but John pursues them and only Margot and Jules make it there. To escape back to the real world, they must face their greatest fears.
Beware the Cannibals 02x03
Margot flees from John when he turns violent. Meanwhile, JD rejoins the group, and Jules begins to lose memories of her childhood.
Nice Neighborhood 02x02
Margot and Jules argue over whether the man who made them omelets is John. Meanwhile, JD meets his better self while Dylan is reunited with his wife.
This Isn't Real 02x01
Margot Sleator lost her father a year ago. Now she, her friend Jules, their friend JD, and newcomer Seth venture into the No-End House, where visitors are challenged to face six rooms of increasing terror.
Welcome Home 01x06
When Eddie takes Lily, Mike has no choice but to enter the darkness and confront his twin brother... and the Skin-Taker.
Guest of Honor 01x05
Frances captures Marla and explains to Mike his role in what is to come... and what she has done for the sake of power.

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