Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, charting the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives. Add to my shows

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Episode 43 33x43
Connie takes the opportunity to prove herself, but it ends in disaster. Duffy proves her worth in the ED but gets caught up in Connie's mistake, and after a tough day, Iain plucks up the courage to talk about how he's feeling and realises just how far he's come.

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Episode 42 33x42
Iain gets embroiled in a tricky case with a familiar face, while Jade gets more than she bargained for with Marty.
Episode 41 33x41
Jacob makes peace with Omo when he honours her final plea and takes her home from the hospital, where she can pass away peacefully in the comfort of her own bed. Elsewhere, Archie confides in Will that it was Connie who made the mistake with a patient, not her. Later, Adam is rushed to Resus where Will treats him, and Sofie is riddled with guilt.
Episode 40 33x40
Jacob discovers a truth about his past when he finds out his father may still be alive. Meanwhile, Duffy decides that it is time for her to step down as an emergency department nurse, and Connie is furious with Ciaran when she finds out that Duffy has stepped down. Elsewhere, Jade learns of Marty's betrayal.
Episode 39 33x39
Connie continues her downward spiral, while Jacob pulls the wool from his mother's eyes.
Episode 38 33x38
Ruby finally plucks up the courage to admit her mistakes to the rest of the team, and Iain offers her his support. Ciaran is tested by his colleagues when he is left to run the department on his own for the day, and Jade starts to believe in herself. Meanwhile, Archie and Will bond as they make fun of Ciaran's productivity charts.
Episode 37 33x37
Iain steps up and offers his support to Jan. Trouble shooter Ciaran arrives in the Emergency Department. With just three months to turn things around, he is determined to shake things up, much to Connie's dismay. Meanwhile, Jacob decides to confront Jet in an effort to fight for his mother's wellbeing.
Episode 36 33x36
Elle learns the truth about her new job. Meanwhile, Jacob makes a shocking discovery about his mother, and Ruby continues to hide the truth from Dani and her team.
Episode 35 33x35
Will and Archie put aside their differences when Toby is rushed into the ED. Will is torn between Toby's wishes and those of his mother, who wants to try every treatment available.
Episode 34 33x34
Iain goes above and beyond on his first day back as a paramedic, and Duffy starts to doubt whether she should have been so open about her diagnosis.
Episode 33 33x33
Feeling like he is not quite ready to return to work as a paramedic whilst on his road to recovery, Iain takes on a new challenge as a 999 call handler.

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