Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, charting the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives. Add to my shows

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Episode 25 32x25
The pressures of clinical lead cause Ethan to lose his way as a doctor.

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Episode 24 32x24
Under-pressure Ethan makes a decision that exposes the weaknesses of the ED and gives ammunition to the anonymous blogger. It is Gem's first day as a porter.
Episode 23 32x23
On the day of her son's trial, Elle finds herself looking after the boy he assaulted. Are his new injuries related? Bea's one-night stand leads her to find out Rash's secret.
Episode 22 32x22
Alicia takes matters into her own hands when queuing ambulances put patients in danger, while new F1 Bea gets a rude awakening on her first day.
Episode 21 32x21
Dylan's alcoholism spirals out of control while he deals with a stabbing and the victim's young boy. Connie befriends cancer patient Maggie, and Ethan is now in charge of the ED!
Episode 20 32x20
Elle's son turns up in the ED with his injured friend after going missing all night, schoolteacher Justine faces the consequences of her decision, and Ethan goes for his interview.
Episode 19 32x19
Max is confronted with his estranged wife Zoe, whilst he sees in an old friend what he could have had. Jacob needs to step up after his son Blake arrives in the ED with an injury.
Episode 18 32x18
Connie takes matters into her own hands, while Dylan struggles to keep things together at the helm of the ED.
Episode 17 32x17
Connie struggles to keep her secret when going the extra mile for a patient leaves her in terrible danger.
Episode 16 32x16
Elle has a shock in store for Jacob. Rash questions his future as a doctor after treating an old girlfriend.
Episode 15 32x15
Connie's illness starts to noticeably affect her work, but she continues to brush away Charlie's support. Max, growing tired of his lack of love life, is given hope when attractive new coffee shop worker Polly catches his eye. Ethan takes his practical consultancy exams.

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