Frank Cannon isn't your typical private detective. He's overweight, likes to eat, drives expensive cars, and charges a lot of money for his services. But when you need a job done right and you don't have a big enough gun... you call Cannon. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Mad Man 05x25
Mad Man 05x24
The wife of one of Cannon's Army buddies calls him in to determine why her soldier husband is suddenly acting strange.
Blood Lines 05x23
A millionnaire's son does the death-defying Acapulco Dive and dies, apparently killing himself. His father believe that his son was driven to kill himself by someone.
Point After Death 05x22
Cannon is hired to clear a football player of the murder of his girlfriend who he claims he didn't kill
Snapshot 05x21
A former mob hitman hires Cannon to determine why someone is sending a killer after him.
The Quasar Kill 05x20
Cannon investigates the death of a scientist who was apparently murdered by an intelligence from outer space.
Cry Wolf 05x19
There's more to the kidnapping of a millionaire's son then meets the eye.
Revenge 05x18
A young Korean officer who believes Cannon betrayed his father frames the PI for murder.
The House of Cards 05x17
Cannon is hired to find a missing publisher, unaware that the people who hired him are the reason the publisher went missing.
The Reformer 05x16
A crusading publisher is framed for murder to keep him from interfering with organized crime.

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