Canada's Worst Driver is a Canadian television series on Discovery Channel, based on Britain's Worst Driver, and is part of the Worst Driver television franchise. It and sister series Canada's Worst Handyman are the two highest-rated programs on Discovery Channel. The series is produced by Proper Television, whose president, Guy O'Sullivan, was the director for the original Britain's Worst Driver series; as such, Canada's Worst Driver is considered to be the production company's flagship show.Unlike other Worst series around the world, the Canadian version emphasizes the learning process of the contestants and the science of driving, and as such is often more serious than the other Worst shows around the world, which are mainly played for laughs. It is the longest running of any Worst series to date.The series is also aired dubbed in French in Canada, as the Les zéros de conduite on Canal D. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Drum Roll Please... 13x08
Ice, Ice Maybe 13x07
No Parking 13x06
All Wet! 13x05
Look Out! 13x04
Threading The Needle... 13x03
Look Here. Look There. 13x02
It All Begins Now... 13x01
Episode 8 12x08
Episode 7 12x07

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