Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away offers an insight into the work of debt collection from the perspectives of debitors, creditors and those who actually collect the money owed. Add to my shows

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Benefits Special 02x12
A single mother with debts totaling more than £45,000, an aggressive debtor recovering from a brain tumour who refuses to pay his dues, and a hard-working young nurse who is desperately seeking a home for her young family are featured on the show.
Final Demand Special 02x11
High court eviction officer Kevin Stokes is physically assaulted while Paul Bohill and his team attempt to deal with a difficult case involving a mother and daughter who are about to be left homeless.
Series 2, Episode 10 02x10
Paul and Steve head to a tenant who hasn't paid rent for 18 months. The team are warned that the tenant is known for their unpredictable behaviour, however the twist in the case is that the landlord is in fact the tenant's mother. The next case involves multiple tenants, a family are in crisis, as they are expecting their third child. The father can't work, the immigration status of the family is been questioned and the council won't help them out. The family are now homeless, leaving Paul and Steve in a difficult situation. Another tenant has reached the end of his tenancy and is refusing to leave, with a history of mental illness, Steve and Paul have to contend with a local church minister and the man's mother.
Series 2, Episode 9 02x09
Brian and Graham head to a health spa searching for assets worth £20,000. They then chase a debtor in South London, were at the property a woman tries throwing them off the scent, the team reach a surprising conclusion as they probe deeper and deeper into the case. The officers then find themselves in the depths of the countryside, with a debtor and his sister going to visit their mothers grave as the officers arrive, they have to be very careful with how they handle the situation of enforcing the writ. Graham hopes to help a woman in Sussex get her payment plan back on track.
Series 2, Episode 8 02x08
Paul and Ben have to evict squatters from a residential property, but things aren't quite adding up fro the team - the bedrooms have no clothes, the phone keeps ringing and men keep turning up looking for 'friends'. Brian and Graham arrive at a restaurant in north London to collect unpaid rent. The manager say's he can't afford to pay what's owed and things soon get heated when another man turns up. On their next case things are even more explosive as the debtors make accusations against Brian and Graham to the police that could ruin their careers. Paul faces more challenges on his next cases as he turns up to a property he's expecting to be empty, only to find a family are still living their. He also heads to the home of a refugee family, who have been seeking new accommodation for several months and have no idea where they can move to next.
Series 2, Episode 7 02x07
Paul and Steve tackle one of their most extraordinary cases, as they head to evict tenants from London's docklands - they arrive at the property and find a locked room, when they finally get into the room, a locked case prompts for them to call for immediate police back-up. A professional football club is a odd location for debt recovery, as Brian and Graham have to use their negotiation skills at Swindon Town. Paul and Ben tackle a challenging case, evicting a couple from a house in Kent. The officers soon discover the couple have six children and nowhere else to go. Sympathy's soon shift when they hear the landlady's case and see the state of the house.
Series 2, Episode 6 02x06
Paul, Steve and Ben tackle their biggest ever eviction in a large office block in Central London that has been taken over by squatters. Stewart and Iain arrive to enforce a writ, but only the debtors wife is at home and she has no way to pay. Paul and Steve try and help a landlord get his property back, as their heavily pregnant tenant hasn't paid the rent. Stewart and Iain have to enforce a debt at a rural stud farm.
Series 2, Episode 5 02x05
Brian and Graham enforce a writ for a ten-month-old debt of just under £4000. But the debtor refuses to speak to them. Paul Steve and Ben head to Essex to evict a young single mum and her two children from their home. But when they arrive, all they can see is an angry dog. Brian and Graham head to collect some unpaid rent from a tenant in his first year of running a launderette business.
Series 2, Episode 4 02x04
Paul and Steve head to London's Docklands to evict tenants from a flat. They enter the property and come across a suspicious locked wooden case. When they manage to unlock it, they soon realise they need to call for urgent back-up. Brian and Graham find themselves in a unusual situation in Swindon, as they seem to be running round in circles. Paul and his team head to another eviction in Essex, Paul has been told no children are at the property, so he's shocked when six children are at the property.
Series 2, Episode 3 02x03

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