Call the Cleaners is a series that follows extreme professional cleaners as they help people get back control of their homes. Add to my shows

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Episode 3 02x03
In Wales, extreme cleaning sisters Yvonne and Angela are called to a large house which was abandoned after its young owner had been struggling to cope. The whole place is littered with mouldy food and rubbish, there is an infestation of mice and things go from bad to worse when the water tank leaks, spreading water throughout the house. In Stevenage, mum and daughter cleaning team Maxine and Jasmine are tackling a house that was - until recently - home to 12 cats.
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Episode 2 02x02
Father and Son team Steve and Jamie are called to the home of a compulsive shopper who is suffocating under a mountain of purchases. Maxine and Jasmine tackle a microwave from Hell, and George and Connor have a blood biohazard clean to contend with.
Episode 1 02x01
Extreme cleaning sisters Yvonne and Angela tackle a hoarder's house that is so bad the lady has been sleeping in the shed for the last six years; and father and son team Steve and Jamie have to rid a drugs den of thousands of dirty needles.
Episode 6 01x06
Mother and daughter Maxine and Jasmine are in Luton cleaning a neglected house for a son who cares for his mum who suffers from a form of arthritis and is in constant pain. In Kent, sisters Yvonne and Angela have one of their toughest jobs yet - a hoarder who struggles to let anything go.
Episode 5 01x05
Yvonne and Angela help an artist whose house is overrun with clutter. Maxine and Jasmine face a tough battle against cat hair and fly poo.
Episode 4 01x04
Maxine and Jasmine help a man who is caring for his elderly father - the house has not had a deep-clean in decades.
Episode 3 01x03
Maxine and Jasmine tackle one of their biggest hoarder jobs yet - an elderly man who has a bungalow packed with 30 years' worth of belongings.
Episode 2 01x02
Shaun and his team are in Kent dealing with a total house clearance. Landlady Wendy is in tears after finding her property in a state, with mess over the floors, graffiti over the walls and doors pulled off their hinges. Shaun and his team have just two days to turn the place around. Maxine and daughter Jasmine visit Richard, a gentleman whose life fell apart following the breakdown of his marriage. Since then, he has been suffering from depression and finding it difficult to cope. Sisters Yvonne and Angela are on a job cleaning a tiny bedsit in Luton when they discover a cockroach infestation. The girls have just nine hours to rid the place of the scuttling pests.
Episode 1 01x01
Sisters Yvonne and Angela have been extreme cleaners for nearly two decades, and have worked on almost 6,000 jobs between them. This time, they are in London tackling the dirtiest flat they have ever encountered on the job. An elderly lady had been struggling to cope in a one bedroom flat. When the girls go to investigate they find a scene of heart-breaking squalor, with damp and mould throughout the flat spread by a leaking pipe that hasn't been fixed in years. The owner's dog has left faeces all over the floor, the furniture is rotting and food has been discarded throughout. What's more the bedroom has not been touched in 9 years.

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