There's a dream homeā€”and there's a dream location. Cabin Truckers follows the complicated business of hauling colossal cabins across rocky, mountainous terrain delivering precious cargo to families who want a remote, picturesque retreat. Add to my shows

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season 1

Let's Save This Church 01x13
Lorainne and Lyle have enlisted the help of Wades House Moving and Heavy Hauling to deliver a church to a museum site.
Country Dream Home 01x12
Keith finds the perfect four-bedroom, three baths, two-story house only 60 km away.
We Want Our Party Barn Back 01x11
A house will travel 460 km's through the city of Calgary, onto congested highways and fields crowded with cattle and fences.
Dinosaurs! Kids! Trees -- Too Many Trees! 01x10
The team hauls a 1040 sq ft house in the winter and blizzards, icy roads and fog all come into play.
New Home, Big Problems 01x09
Sara works for Wades House Moving and by chance spots the perfect bungalow for her son.
Lakeside Dream 01x08
Tough Trek 01x07
Oversized Garage Coming! 01x06
Peter and Sheena Rector have seven children with three kids sharing a bedroom, it's simply not enough space. Already drastically stretching a single paycheck to support a family of nine, Jaylene helped them track down an amazing house for a steal of a price - $105,000 - 5-bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. They need to get this move done before the weather becomes treacherous, making things worse, the plot of land is in the centre of a forest so they had better get cutting! With the oversized garage, the house measures an unwieldy 54 feet, meaning that manoeuvring this lengthy load through the crowded city will be tight. On top of all that, the house will be moving in the middle of winter! Icy roads, gravel only access, blizzards, and other motorists contending with the slippery conditions all mean Kelly's crew is in for a bumpy ride. With that, the Rectors' dream of a large family home could become a nightmare of splintered timber on the side of the highway!
Get Us Out of the City 01x05
Tyler and Amy Deck have enjoyed living in the city of Medicine Hat for the past few years but now find themselves wanting to move to the countryside and get back to their country roots. Wanting to raise their two-year old son surrounded by nature's trails and lakes has pushed the young couple to make their dream come true and purchase a plot of land in Echodale Park. Their new property is surrounded by lakes and wildlife and right next door to Amy's parent's 160-acre farm. By luck, they found the perfect RTM online. The catch - its 115km away in Maple Creek.
4 Ton Fireplace in Tow 01x04
Alton and Jessica Puddicombe received a call of a lifetime when his neighbor reached out the day of their wedding and offered them his 1932 farmhouse. Cost? One dollar and with a limited budget this was a real blessing for the Puddicombe family. They live an easygoing and active lifestyle with their three children and family dog - however, space is tight and has the two teen boys sharing a room! They're a family that loves animals, especially horses and everything to do with the outdoors. The house is only moving about 8 miles within Camrose but the moving crew faces brutally cold temperatures reaching -30 C.
Summertime Fun 01x03
Sue and Tom Marcoux live in the center of Edmonton, Alberta and for the last 15 years have owned a scenic piece of land 169Km's north on Baptiste Lake. Unfortunately they haven't had the money to build a home on the property and instead have been living out of early 80's Mini RV! But all that's about to change thanks to Wade and Jaylene who've found them the perfect recycled home!
1906 Bank on the Move 01x02
Wade was offered a job that he could not turn down. 25 years ago his father successfully moved a historical bank in Pincher Creek. Collen Cyr, president of the Historical Society has secured funds and obtained the approval from the Municipality Development and Subdivision Authority to move a 1906 Bank to the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village. The building stands a massive 30 feet high and close to 100 tons and is nothing to take lightly. The climate is quickly changing and Wades crew will be moving this precious building in the snow. With one bridge already collapsing earlier in the year due to massive floods, anything could happen when mother nature is involved.
Needed - More Room! (Pilot) 01x01
Ty and Melissa Corbiell and their two young sons are keeping it in the family and moving onto a 300 acre piece of land that has been in the family for generations--making them the forth generation of Corbiell's to call it home! Ty needs more space for his veterinary clinic and Melissa would like more room for the kids. They thought about building but instead found their dream home at Jade Homes. It's a ready a move home (RTM) Rancher that was completely designed by Melissa. Something she didn't think about before purchasing was the massive size of this 1708 sq. ft. home. The house is wider than most roads making this a tricky endeavor. Power-lines, trees and tight corners give this move a few bumps along the way--whether Kelly and his team can deliver this house in one piece is still yet to be determined.

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