season 1

Air date Episode Title
09.08.2015 01x01 Needed - More Room! (Pilot)
09.08.2015 01x02 1906 Bank on the Move
16.08.2015 01x03 Summertime Fun
16.08.2015 01x04 4 Ton Fireplace in Tow
20.08.2015 01x05 Get Us Out of the City
20.08.2015 01x06 Oversized Garage Coming!
27.08.2015 01x07 Tough Trek
27.08.2015 01x08 Lakeside Dream
21.09.2015 01x09 New Home, Big Problems
21.09.2015 01x10 Dinosaurs! Kids! Trees -- Too Many Trees!
21.09.2015 01x11 We Want Our Party Barn Back
21.09.2015 01x12 Country Dream Home
28.09.2015 01x13 Let's Save This Church

season 2

Air date Episode Title
19.03.2016 02x01 Midnight Mud Race
26.03.2016 02x02 Rocky Mountain Trek
02.04.2016 02x03 Race Against Time
09.04.2016 02x04 Mountain Hell
16.04.2016 02x05 Hell on the Highway
23.04.2016 02x06 Killer Storm
30.04.2016 02x07 Danger in the Dark
07.05.2016 02x08 Dream Living, Drive from Hell
14.05.2016 02x09 House of Horrors
21.05.2016 02x10 Mega Convoy
28.03.2016 02x11 Too Big to Truck
04.06.2016 02x12 Ice Storm
11.06.2016 02x13 Colossal Convoy
04.06.2016 02x14 Ice Storm
11.06.2016 02x15 Colossal Convoy

season 3

Air date Episode Title
wednesday 03x01 Midnight Mud Race
wednesday 03x02 Rocky Mountain Trek
wednesday 03x03 Race Against Time
wednesday 03x04 Mountain Hell

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