Join the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as they help homeowners sell their current home and buy a new property in HGTV's new series, Property Brothers: Buying + Selling. Jonathan renovates the family's current home for a successful sale, while Drew checks out the best options for the family's new property. Drew then oversees the selling of the renovated home and the buying of a new house. Add to my shows

season 9

Property Brothers Double Down: Lakeside Dreaming 09x09
Moving Downtown 09x08
Two suburbanites are ready to move back downtown with their daughters; Jonathan helps transform the family's lackluster home into a showpiece, but he must rework the design when the budget takes a major hit; Drew leads the hunt for a dreamy downsize.
Condo Dreams 09x07
Finally Finished Family Home 09x06
Growing Boys, Grander House 09x05
Downsizing With Daughters 09x04
A Home For All In The Family 09x03
A New Perspective, A New Home 09x02
Baby on the Way, Sell It Today! 09x01
With two dogs and a baby on the way, this couple is eager to move into a more spacious property. Their unsellable home has been on the market for six months and is holding them back from purchasing a new place. Jonathan focuses on improving their home's value and appeal, diving in with an overhaul that includes an entirely new basement suite. Meanwhile, Drew leads the hunt for the perfect suburban home with everything on the couple's wish list even if it means staying at the top of their budget.

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