Join the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as they help homeowners sell their current home and buy a new property in HGTV's new series, Property Brothers: Buying + Selling. Jonathan renovates the family's current home for a successful sale, while Drew checks out the best options for the family's new property. Drew then oversees the selling of the renovated home and the buying of a new house. Add to my shows

season 7

Nashville Trade-in 07x06
Moving In With The Folks 07x05
Letting Go Is Hard To Do 07x04
Making the Most of Nana's Gift 07x03
No Horsing Around 07x02
Aubrey and Jonathan tried out rural living for a few years, but soon figured out that maintaining a 10-acre property complete with horses is a full-time job. They're on the hunt for a turnkey property that's closer to friends and work, but they've got to spruce up their 200-year-old farmhouse before they can move on.
Perfect Master Suite 07x01
A couple with three growing boys desperately needs more space, but they've only gotten one lowball offer on their home. Jonathan wants to boost the home's curb appeal but runs into a potentially nasty surprise behind a wall, and Drew's house hunting options are limited with the couple's strict one-mile search radius.

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