Bunk'd is a comedy about summer camp life that follows characters Emma Ross, Ravi Ross and Zuri Ross as they head to Camp Kikiwaka, a rustic summer camp in Maine where their parents met as teenagers. Add to my shows

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Water Under the Dock 04x06

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Hot Spring Friend Machine 04x05
Lou helps Gwen build her confidence when she learns that her parents plan to send her to school at the end of the summer. Ava discovers a hot spring at Camp Kikiwaka and enlists Noah to keep it a secret.
An Udder Disaster 04x04
Yes, Lies, and Tower Escape 04x03
After Gwen accidentally breaks a window, she and Destiny get caught in a web of lies; Noah challenges Ava to be open to more things.
Kikiwaka's Got Talent 04x02
Finn and Matteo's friendship is tested as they try to figure out an act for Camp Kikiwaka's annual talent show; Destiny tries to impress Noah with her pageant skills.
Who da Boss? Lou da boss! 04x01
Lou takes over as director of Camp Kikiwaka and welcomes new camper Gwen and camp counselors Noah and Ava.
Up, Up and Away 03x16
It's a Blast! 03x15
Gruel and Unusual Punishment 03x14
The children explore the booths at Camp Kikiwaka's Olde Moose Rump Days; after finding an old wooden box from Zuri's booth, the kids suddenly find themselves in the 1600s wearing Colonial garb.
Bungle in the Jungle 03x13
Toilets and Tiaras 03x12

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