season 1

Air date Episode Title
12.11.2012 01x01 A Demolition the Bob May Way
19.11.2012 01x02 Framing is a Bear
26.11.2012 01x03 Roughing It on the Island
03.12.2012 01x04 Getting Squirrelly
10.12.2012 01x05 Self-Sufficient Building
17.12.2012 01x06 Cast Away

season 2

Air date Episode Title
06.01.2014 02x01 The Race is On: The Builders Set Their Course
13.01.2014 02x02 Grip It and Rip It
20.01.2014 02x03 Chicken or Bust
27.01.2014 02x04 Ryan's Song
24.02.2014 02x05 A Long Hard Slog
03.03.2014 02x06 Tempers Flare
10.03.2014 02x07 Downward Slide
17.03.2014 02x08 The End Game

season 3

Air date Episode Title
05.01.2015 03x01 Builders Begin Construction on a Fishing Retreat, a Ski Hut and a Getaway Cabin in Remote Alaska
12.01.2015 03x02 A Helicopter Drop, the Art of Scribing, and a Thousand-Dollar Mistake
19.01.2015 03x03 Destructive Forces
26.01.2015 03x04 Dangerous Delays
09.02.2015 03x05 Ninja Framer
16.02.2015 03x06 Balancing Act
23.02.2015 03x07 The Missing Helicopter
02.03.2015 03x08 Panic Button
09.03.2015 03x09 Game Day
16.03.2015 03x10 Heads Up
23.03.2015 03x11 The Finest Moment
30.03.2015 03x12 The Final Push

season 4

Air date Episode Title
07.10.2015 04x01 We're Back
14.10.2015 04x02 The Beast is Dead
21.10.2015 04x03 Rock Around the Build
28.10.2015 04x04 Bear Attack
04.11.2015 04x05 Plan B
11.11.2015 04x06 Independence Day
18.11.2015 04x07 Don't Try This at Home
25.11.2015 04x08 It's Getting Awkward
02.12.2015 04x09 Muscle Power
09.12.2015 04x10 No Quit
16.12.2015 04x11 Sparks Fly
23.12.2015 04x12 Crunch Time

season 5

Air date Episode Title
06.01.2016 05x01 Family Legacy
13.01.2016 05x02 Frozen Highway
20.01.2016 05x03 Bump Outs and Burls
27.01.2016 05x04 Hello Hoonah
03.02.2016 05x05 Location, Location, Location
10.02.2016 05x06 Whackin' and Stackin', Part 2
17.02.2016 05x07 Plywood Don't Lie
24.02.2016 05x08 Cody Saves the Day
02.03.2016 05x09 Lofty Goals
09.03.2016 05x10 Alaskan Mobile Home
16.03.2016 05x11 The Big Lift
23.03.2016 05x12 Lost in Logs
06.05.2016 05x13 Bush Alaska Approved

season 6

Air date Episode Title
27.02.2017 06x01 Building Alaska, the New Generation
27.02.2017 06x02 Hard Work Beats Talent
06.03.2017 06x03 Noah's Barge
06.03.2017 06x04 Stuck in Shelikof
13.03.2017 06x05 Rain, Rain, Go Away
13.03.2017 06x06 Honey Bucket
20.03.2017 06x07 Home Stretch
20.03.2017 06x08 Grand Finale

season 7

Air date Episode Title
15.05.2017 07x01 Game On
15.05.2017 07x02 Piece of the Pie
22.05.2017 07x03 The Wrong Stuff
22.05.2017 07x04 Stormy Weather
29.05.2017 07x05 Seasonal Squeeze
29.05.2017 07x06 Emergency Supply Run
05.06.2017 07x07 A Roof Overhead
05.06.2017 07x08 End Game

season 8

Air date Episode Title
08.01.2018 08x01 Keeping Morale Up
08.01.2018 08x02 Progress is Messy
15.01.2018 08x03 Going Vertical
15.01.2018 08x04 Rain Gear is Going On
22.01.2018 08x05 Game Changer
22.01.2018 08x06 A Toy Set for Big Kids
29.01.2018 08x07 Knock This Thing Out
29.01.2018 08x08 Sky's the Limit

season 9

Air date Episode Title
07.01.2019 09x01 Shaky Ground
14.01.2019 09x02 Anything Can Go Wrong
21.01.2019 09x03 Moving on to Plan X-ray
28.01.2019 09x04 Up High Without a Net
11.02.2019 09x05 Playing Catch Up
18.02.2019 09x06 A Fort in the Woods
25.02.2019 09x07 Not For Beginners
04.03.2019 09x08 Look What They've Done

season 10

Air date Episode Title
07.01.2019 10x01 Shaky Ground
14.01.2019 10x02 Anything Can Go Wrong

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