The “Bubble Gang” is a continuing weekly TV series recorded and broadcast mostly in the Philippines and mostly staring high school teenagers. This show can be compared to “Mad TV” that is shown in the United States. The “Bubble Gang” will spoof or parody anything or anybody to include commercials, film, TV shows, celebrities, sports figures, politicians and anyone or anything they can find to turn it into a laugh a minute show. With their many gags, parodies, sketches, skits, spoofs and pranks this show has been considered the funniest TV show of the past 12 years in the Beautiful country of the Philippines. It has now also become the longest running comedy show in the history of in Philippines. This internationally acclaimed gag show kicked off its 10-year anniversary on October 7, 2005 with a special episode titled “The Bubble Gang Story”. That special episode of the series showed the history of the “Bubble Gang” and illustrated the factors that have contributed to its' being such a huge hit for the past ten years. That special episode was shown in a semi-documentary format and was hosted, by Ogie and Michael V. and featured interviews with the people that were instrumental in the shows’ conceptualization and subsequent success. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Magpaka-bayani Memorial Plans 12x31
The gang presents skits on what could happen when a person sends their significant other away from home. A celebrity gets tired of his popularity and sheds his image before he finds out the perks of being well-known. About to die? Make your death memorable through Magpaka-bayani Memorial Plans! It’s another laughter-filled episode of Bubble Gang
The Sexballs are back! 12x30
The Sexballs return with a new single! A dentist runs out of excuses when he gets caught by his wife with his mistress. A lonely man seeks friendship from mechanical beings. A man’s conscience faces a dilemma when the man decides to kill his wife and his friend. A doctor becomes the patient but refuses to let go of his duties. And how do people get out of situations where they’re thought to be criminals?
Keempee De Leon and Bubbles Paraiso join the Gang! 12x29
Ogie's Back 12x28
Happy bad trip 12x27
Paningit 12x26
Sexy Sexy 12x25
Houseboy Next Door 12x24
Genervioso 12x23
U Drive Me Crazy 12x22

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