Broad City is an odd-couple comedy about two best friends navigating their 20s in New York City. Abbi and Ilana are broke and flawed, and they don't shy away from the sticky situations NYC throws at them -- they dive right into the muck. No matter how bad it gets, these broads are always down with whatever hits them. Add to my shows

season 4

Friendiversary 04x10
The girls' Friendiversary celebration takes a turn for the dangerous when they witness something horrible.
Bedbugs 04x09
Ilana and Jaime discover that their apartment is infested with bedbugs, and a cash-strapped Abbi gets a confidence boost from her new purse.
House-Sitting 04x08
Ilana frets about her relationship with Lincoln while house-sitting for the Strands, and Abbi considers going on a date with her former teacher.
Florida 04x07
Abbi, Ilana, Eliot and Bobbi take a trip to Florida to clean out Grandma Esther's apartment.
Witches 04x06
Abbi freaks out about aging after discovering a gray hair, and Ilana tries to recapture her sexual spark.
Abbi's Mom 04x05
Abbi's mom comes to the city for a visit; Ilana navigates the intense work culture of Sushi Mambeaux while dealing with her seasonal affective disorder.
Mushrooms 04x04
Abbi and Ilana take mushrooms and have an eventful trip.
Just the Tips 04x03
Ilana goes on a spending spree with cash she makes from her waitress job; Abbi basks in the glow of a new relationship; the girls bump into an old friend at a party.
Twaining Day 04x02
Abbi's brief return to Soulstice gets interesting when she's given the training opportunity that she's always dreamed of; Ilana gets a new job at a restaurant.
Sliding Doors 04x01
On a spring day in 2011, Abbi and Ilana meet for the first time.

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