season 1

Air date Episode Title
02.01.2015 01x01 Meet the Bates
09.01.2015 01x02 Courtship & Marriage
16.01.2015 01x03 Bates Gone Wild
23.01.2015 01x04 Training Up Bates
30.01.2015 01x05 Nashville Son
06.02.2015 01x06 Organized Chaos
13.02.2015 01x07 Welcome Grandbaby Bates
20.02.2015 01x08 The Purity Ring
27.02.2015 01x09 Michaella and Brandon
06.03.2015 01x10 A Big Bates Thanksgiving
13.03.2015 01x11 The Bates Go to Florida
20.03.2015 01x12 All About the Bates
27.03.2015 01x13 A Birthday to Remember

season 2

Air date Episode Title
05.06.2015 02x01 All Together Again
12.06.2015 02x02 Future in Laws?
19.06.2015 02x03 High Risk, High Hopes
26.06.2015 02x04 Meema Moves In
03.07.2015 02x05 Blessings... and New Beginnings?
10.07.2015 02x06 Brandon Pops the Question
17.07.2015 02x07 Doctor's Orders
24.07.2015 02x08 Life Lessons
31.07.2015 02x09 The Wedding To-Do List
07.08.2015 02x10 Erin's Little Miracle
14.08.2015 02x11 Boating with the Bates
21.08.2015 02x12 The Quest for the Dress
28.08.2015 02x13 Addee & Ellie's Pool Party!
04.09.2015 02x14 Hello Dollywood!

season 3

Air date Episode Title
08.01.2016 03x01 Welcome Back Bates
15.01.2016 03x02 Sweet Tea & Sit Ups
22.01.2016 03x03 15 Kids and an Empty Nest
29.01.2016 03x04 Headed to the Altar
05.02.2016 03x05 Wedding Bliss and a First Kiss
12.02.2016 03x06 Fly Fishin' Zip Linin' Honeymoon
19.02.2016 03x07 Training Wheels and Trick Saddles
26.02.2016 03x08 Windy City Newly Weds
04.03.2016 03x09 Beaches, Boats and Bates
11.03.2016 03x10 Back Seat Bates
18.03.2016 03x11 Time to Renobate!
25.03.2016 03x12 Bringing Up Bradley
01.04.2016 03x13 Love is in the Heir
08.04.2016 03x14 The Big Apple of Nathan's Eye
06.05.2016 03x15 Mother's Day
27.05.2016 03x18 Summer Fun

season 4

Air date Episode Title
03.06.2016 04x01 Big Family, Big Changes
10.06.2016 04x02 Bates Boys Birthday Bash
17.06.2016 04x03 A LOVEly Day
24.06.2016 04x04 Sunshine State Bates
01.07.2016 04x05 Tough Decisions and Large Ambitions
08.07.2016 04x06 The Big Chill
15.07.2016 04x07 The Great Bates Clean-Up
22.07.2016 04x08 Bates Say the Darndest Things
29.07.2016 04x09 Birthdays and Boyfriends
05.08.2016 04x10 Who's in Charge?
12.08.2016 04x11 Bates Make the Grade
19.08.2016 04x12 The 20th Bates
26.08.2016 04x13 Growing Paine
02.09.2016 04x14 Bates Dish It Out
16.09.2016 04x15 You Can't Spell Paintball Without Pain
23.09.2016 04x16 Three Pointers and Puppies
30.09.2016 04x17 Meet Kaci Lynn Bates!
14.10.2016 04x18 Muddy Buddies
28.10.2016 04x19 And Baby Makes Five?
14.10.2016 04x20 Muddy Buddies
21.10.2016 04x21 Nashville Nights & Country Campouts
28.10.2016 04x22 And Baby Makes Five?
04.11.2016 04x23 Supersized: Extra Birthday Bash
11.11.2016 04x24 Supersized: Extra Chili
18.11.2016 04x25 From the Couch: Thanksgiving

season 5

Air date Episode Title
06.01.2017 05x01 Summer Lovin', Guitar Strummin' and a Surprise a Comin'!
13.01.2017 05x02 Plans, Bands And Mashed Potatoes!
20.01.2017 05x03 A Birthday and A Birdie
27.01.2017 05x04 Doggy Dilemmas
03.02.2017 05x05 Surprise! Kelly Jo's Big 5-0!
10.02.2017 05x06 I 'donut' Know What I'd Do Without You!
17.02.2017 05x07 Shakeups, Steaks, And Showtime!
24.02.2017 05x08 Sweet Home Spartanburg
03.03.2017 05x09 Fire Trucks And Diaper Dumps
10.03.2017 05x10 Loads Of Laundry And Lots Of Lessons
17.03.2017 05x11 Bike Racks, Barbers & Big Duets!
24.03.2017 05x12 Mass-A-Somethin'
31.03.2017 05x13 Working Up An Appetite
07.04.2017 05x14 The 'cubs' Land In Chicago!
14.04.2017 05x15 A New Baby Born and Love All Around
28.04.2017 05x16 Supersized: The 19th Hole
12.05.2017 05x17 Mother's Day: Now With More Kids!
26.05.2017 05x18 Summer Fun: More Good Times!
02.06.2017 05x19 Summer Of Love

season 6

Air date Episode Title
02.06.2017 06x01 Summer Of Love
09.06.2017 06x02 Road Trip Romance
16.06.2017 06x03 Bobby's Movin' In
23.06.2017 06x04 Sibling Revelry
30.06.2017 06x05 He Said, She Shed
07.07.2017 06x06 Newlywed Edition
14.07.2017 06x07 Don't Worry, We've 'goat' This!
21.07.2017 06x08 Stop, Drop And Wash
28.07.2017 06x09 More Bloopers, Outtakes And Mishaps, Oh My!
04.08.2017 06x10 Lawson And Sadie's Big Breakup
11.08.2017 06x11 One Cap, Two Gowns?
18.08.2017 06x12 The Night The Lights Went Out in Tennessee
25.08.2017 06x13 The Fabulous Backwoods Bates Boys
01.09.2017 06x14 Here's The Scoop!
08.09.2017 06x15 Courtship, Kiddos, And Future Son-in-laws?
15.09.2017 06x16 Uncharted Waters
29.09.2017 06x17 From Friends to Fiances
27.10.2017 06x18 Fan Edition: Uncharted Waters

season 7

Air date Episode Title
05.01.2018 07x01 The 4 C's – Carat, Clarity, Carlin & Courtship
12.01.2018 07x02 Decorating Dilemmas And Job Decisions
19.01.2018 07x03 Bobby's Happy Camper
26.01.2018 07x04 Sun Day, Fun Day
02.02.2018 07x05 Erin's Surprise Takes the Cake!
09.02.2018 07x06 The Best is Yet to Come
02.03.2018 07x07 Save the Date and Decisions to Make!
09.03.2018 07x08 Icing on the Cakes
16.03.2018 07x09 Big Decision, Bigger Opinions
23.03.2018 07x10 Fixin' For New Beginnings
30.03.2018 07x11 Can You Have A Wedding Shower Without The Bride & Groom?
06.04.2018 07x12 Beach Blanket Bachelorette!
13.04.2018 07x13 Another Beautiful Season Of Blessings
06.04.2018 07x14 Beach Blanket Bachelorette!
13.04.2018 07x15 Another Beautiful Season Of Blessings
20.04.2018 07x16 Countdown To 'i Do'
27.04.2018 07x17 Tori's Winter Wonderland Wedding
04.05.2018 07x18 The Bates Get Candid
08.06.2018 07x19 A Heavenly Honeymoon & A Courtship Countdown!
15.06.2018 07x20 Eye Love You Day!
22.06.2018 07x21 Seas The Day!
29.06.2018 07x22 Hit The Road Jack!
13.07.2018 07x23 Lions, And Tigers, And Bates, Oh My!
20.07.2018 07x24 Just A Little Off The Top, Please…
27.07.2018 07x25 One Week, Three Babies?!
03.08.2018 07x26 A Bundle of Joy and a Rodeo Show
10.08.2018 07x27 Labor Paines
17.08.2018 07x28 Chaperoning Do's & Don'ts
24.08.2018 07x29 Milestones and New Chapters
31.08.2018 07x30 Asking Permission and a Big Decision
07.09.2018 07x32 The Ring, The Dress and Ready for Next Steps!
14.09.2018 07x33 Baby Fever and Proposal Decisions
21.09.2018 07x34 Blue Or Pink, What Do You Think?
28.09.2018 07x35 A Monumental Proposal

season 8

Air date Episode Title
04.01.2019 08x01 Ultrasounds, Wedding Vows & A Bride To Be?
11.01.2019 08x02 Big Apple Bride
18.01.2019 08x03 A Proposal To Plan & Wedding To-do's!
25.01.2019 08x04 A Sweet Shower & A Surprise Switch!
01.02.2019 08x05 The Maine Event
08.02.2019 08x06 Bate & Switch
15.02.2019 08x07 A Bride, A Groom And A Love That's True!
22.02.2019 08x08 Newlyweds: Rookies Vs. Pros
01.03.2019 08x09 A Latte Love!
08.03.2019 08x10 A Wedding to Plan & Fun With the Fam!
15.03.2019 08x11 Nashville Nursery Makeover
22.03.2019 08x12 A Newlywed Nest & Trace Put To The Test
29.03.2019 08x13 A Proposal To Remember & A Baby On The Way
05.04.2019 08x14 Ready Or Not, Baby Kade Is On His Way!
12.04.2019 08x15 It's A Boy & Maybe One More?

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