Twenty-seven years ago Gil and Kelly Jo Bates tied the knot with no plans to have kids. Fast forward 19 kids later and this tight-knit family, seemingly too good to be true, has a tremendous bond but are far from perfect. As you will see, when you have a house full of 19 children, from ages two to 25, daily chaos is multiplied exponentially, but so are the joyful and poignant moments that life can bring.Led by devoted father Gil (49) and his loving wife Kelly Jo (47), the Bates do everything in bulk while staying true to their values and rules for the family -- which means everyone has chores, little to no TV, only dresses for girls (though pajamas are worn in private), strictly side-hugs until marriage (except for front hugs on special occasions), and more. With a grand total of 19 children ranging in age from two to 25, they are the definition of a "big, happy family." But lately -- as viewers will see -- their simple rural lifestyle in Tennessee is in a flurry of transitions, see it all on Bringing Up Bates. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Bates Get Candid 07x18
The Bates family speak for the first time about their experience shooting the show. They look back, share funny stories, and discuss how being on TV has impacted them.
Tori's Winter Wonderland Wedding 07x17
It's the big "Bringing Up Bates" wedding episode! Watch the highlights of Tori and Bobby's big day!
Countdown To 'i Do' 07x16
Tori Bates is stunned when she sees her wedding dress for the first time... and Bobby Smith admits he has a honeymoon surprise in store!
Another Beautiful Season Of Blessings 07x15
Beach Blanket Bachelorette! 07x14
Another Beautiful Season Of Blessings 07x13
The Bates head to South Carolina for their annual Thanksgiving tradition with Papa Bill and Mama Jane; Papa Bill recruits all the young men to help him finish building a barn; Mama Jane enlists the help of Kelly Jo, Alyssa, Whitney, Carlin and the kids to help pick pecans and bake brownies; and Mama Jane prepares her home cooked supper, where the family gathers around the table and gives thanks.
Beach Blanket Bachelorette! 07x12
Kelly Jo and her sisters plan a Bachelorette Beach getaway for Tori.
Can You Have A Wedding Shower Without The Bride & Groom? 07x11
Fan Edition featuring fan tweets and social comments: Before Tori "Ties the Knot" to Bobby, Gil takes her out for special father/daughter outing. Will Gil be able to hold back the tears, as they take a walk down memory lane? Meanwhile, now that Josie is working toward her Cosmetology license, Whitney takes Kaci Lynn to her aunt for her very first hair cut! Later, Michaella and Brandon meet up with Erin and Whitney to help decorate for Tori and Bobby's wedding shower. But as a crowd gathers for the festivities, there's no sign of Tori and Bobby. Will this be a Bride and Groom-less shower?
Fixin' For New Beginnings 07x10
Big Decision, Bigger Opinions 07x09
Before Kelly Jo and the girls head to Kentucky for Tori's wedding dress fitting, the entire family, including Michaella and Alyssa, gather for a festive family picnic! But when Gil discovers some mysterious envelopes, the topic of conversation turns to which sibling might have some surprise news? And later, Kelly Jo, Tori and her sisters meet up at Renee's Bridal shop to try on customized bridesmaid and wedding dresses. But having several sisters means hearing several different opinions. After trying on three distinct wedding dress styles, will Tori find her dream dress or will her indecisiveness get the best of her?

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