The Dancing Dolls are back with all-new back-to-back episodes Thursday nights on Lifetime! Competition season is heating up as Battle Royale approaches and the girls will face some of their toughest rivals yet! With new routines to master and Coach D working on opening her Atlanta Dollhouse, the OG's and DDP will have to work harder than ever before. And when Coach D finally narrows down the search for the new captain, the final two will have to face off in a heated Doll vs. Doll competition to determine who will earn the title! "Bring It!" is produced by Pilgrim Media Group with Craig Piligian and Megan Estrada executive producing. Colleen Conway Grogan executive produces the series for Lifetime. Add to my shows

season 3

Stomp! Summer Slam Shocker 03x24
Coach D choreographs a stepping routine for the Summer Dance Slam; Coach Quincy and the Prancing Tigerettes work tirelessly to take the championship title away from the Dancing Dolls, then the competition takes a shocking turn.
Lil Niqo and a LOT of Sweat! 03x23
During the week of the final competition before the Summer Dance Slam, Coach D turns up the heat; Dana plans a big surprise for Faith's sixteenth birthday.
Wigging Out 03x22
Coach D's plans backfire when her decision to include 30 new dancers in a football field competition puts the team in jeopardy for game day; the tension between Selena and some of the other mothers comes to an explosive breaking point.
Dancing with the Enemy 03x21
The Dancing Dolls team up with their rivals, the Purple Diamonds, to take on Memphis in a city vs. city competition; Coach D choreographs an ambitious creative dance; Sunjai gives Camryn a tour of her college campus.
Scholarship Dreams and Dating Nightmares 03x20
The dancers compete for a scholarship at a local university; Coach D must train the battle squad to dance on a college level; Tina and Rittany enroll Selena and Mimi on a dating website.
Hoop Dreams Drama 03x19
Dianna enlists her husband's help with a basketball-themed creative routine. Later, Tamala calls out inappropriate behavior in the viewing room.
Ratchcity! 03x18
After a series of losses in the freestyle category, Coach D decides to whip her team into shape; Rittany gets fired up when Dana enlists Kayla for some private lessons; a meltdown in the stands causes a catastrophe at the competition.
Compton Call Out 03x17
Dianna agrees to a rematch against the Divas of Compton. Later, one parent loses it in the viewing room in response to the girls' freestyle routine; and Mimi struggles with the idea of allowing Camryn to date.
The Return of Neva the Diva 03x16
Coach D enlists the Dancing Dolls in a grudge match against her rival, Neva; Dianna builds an army of over 100 dancers to compete against her foe.
Team Kayla vs. Team Dianna 03x15
Coach D splits the Dancing Dolls into two teams for a scrimmage match; Kayla's team competes against Dianna's team.
Spilling the Tea Reunion Special 03x14
Face the Music! It's the Finale! 03x13
After losing the Battle Royale two years in a row, Dianna overloads her team with complicated choreography and ambitious stands that involve guest appearances from alumni.
They're Coming for Us!! 03x12
The road to the Battle Royale is more treacherous-than-ever as semifinals force the Dancing Dolls take on 8 of their fiercest rivals to secure a spot. Camryn is pushed to her limits as her solo will make or break the team's chances and Mimi gets fired up over the "new moms'" lack of support for their captain.
Neva Gets Even 03x11
Still angry over Miss D's Drag Queen Diva stand, Neva crosses the line in Stand Battle this week and it could cost both teams dearly. State testing forces Miss D to make a risky decision and Tina goes on the offense when a new coach threatens to sideline Kayla.
3 Strikes, You're Out 03x10
Dianna choreographs a '90s-inspired, TLC-themed dance; Dianna struggles to get the team in shape; the parents campaign for Battle Royale solo cuts by pressuring Dianna to play favorites.
Flash Mob Madness 03x09
Two straight losses put the Dancing Dolls under extra pressure; Dianna's controlling ways hamper Kayla's efforts to help the team; Rittany blames Faith for the group's losing streak.
Blow It Up 03x08
The Dolls rehearse for a pompom competition against their Texas rivals, Xplosive; the competition heats up as Dianna cuts the Battle Royale soloist hopefuls from 11 to six dancers; Selena confronts Miss D.
Bucking Bride 03x07
Dianna prepares an unlikely pair to since a gospel duet; and Tina gets ready for her wedding. Later, Selena's upset when she finds out she hasn't been invited to the ceremony as a guest.
The Wicked Witch of Jackson 03x06
Dianna has big plans for a spooky routine when the Dolls compete on Halloween; the Purple Diamonds await the Dolls with a new member in tow.
Rittany's Revolt 03x05
Dianna prepares the Dolls to face some of their toughest competitors, but Rittany throws a wrench in the plan when she hears the team is participating in another parade; Dianna gives Rittany an ultimatum.
Homecoming Hell 03x04
Dianna and the Dolls must contend with a competition, a homecoming parade and a halftime show while preparing to face one of their most formidable rivals; Dianna throws a Neva-themed stand at the Divas of Olive Branch.
Hell Week 03x03
Dianna is forced to change her choreography at the last minute, leaving the girls with no time to practice battle stands; the veteran Dancing Doll parents grow increasingly frustrated with a new mother.
The Bucking Ballerina 03x02
Dianna struggles to get her new team into shape; Crystianna and Faith vie for a solo; Dana makes waves in the viewing room; Dana wants to give the mothers makeovers.
Straight Outta Jackson 03x01

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