The Dancing Dolls are back with all-new back-to-back episodes Thursday nights on Lifetime! Competition season is heating up as Battle Royale approaches and the girls will face some of their toughest rivals yet! With new routines to master and Coach D working on opening her Atlanta Dollhouse, the OG's and DDP will have to work harder than ever before. And when Coach D finally narrows down the search for the new captain, the final two will have to face off in a heated Doll vs. Doll competition to determine who will earn the title! "Bring It!" is produced by Pilgrim Media Group with Craig Piligian and Megan Estrada executive producing. Colleen Conway Grogan executive produces the series for Lifetime. Add to my shows

season 2

Little Women Bring It 02x25
The ladies of "Little Women: LA" call Miss D from "Bring It!" to help them with their dancing skills.
Summer Slam 02x24
Dianna finally names the team's next leader; the Dancing Dolls face their fiercest rivals in a competition for the championship title and a $5,000 prize; Traci Young-Byron directs Miami's Young Contemporary Dance Theatre.
Tick, Tick, Boom! 02x23
With the Summer Slam Dance Championship only week away, the girls feel extra pressure to show off their talents and prove to Miss D that they have what it takes to be captain of the team next season. Emotions are running high in the Dollhouse as Kayla and Sunjai graduate from High School. Meanwhile, the Xplosive team from Dallas is back and they're ready to prove that "bigger things come out of Texas."
Pom Pom Panic 02x22
Pom-poms are flying this week as Dianna coaches the girls through a Southern stand-off. New coaches stoop to all-time lows but Dianna must shake it off and stay on course for a grueling competition in three different categories. Meanwhile, we see a softer side of Miss D as she renews her wedding vows to husband, Robert.
Who You Callin' Cookie? 02x21
Saturday Night Fights 02x20
Coach D takes the Dancing Dolls out of their comfort zone and onto a football field for a spectacular Saturday Night Lights field show and stand battle competition. However, the girls struggle with learning their routines with a full marching band and severe weather looming, their efforts might be for nothing if the competition gets cancelled. Later, Dianna almost comes to blows when she faces her fiercest and loudest rival of the season.
The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple 02x19
The Dancing Dolls are up against a heated rival this week, none other than Quincy and his Prancing Tigerettes. In order to up their game, Dianna surprises six lucky girls with a trip to New York City to work with famed choreographer Tanisha Scott, who will teach them new moves to improve their stands. The Moms are ecstatic, but when Selena learns that she's not going be a part of the trip, she is not happy. Will Selena be able to hold back her feelings or will she risk her position as a DDP at the competition when she comes face to face with Miss D?
Selena's Makeover Madness 02x18
Dancing Dolls NOT for Life 02x17
Tawantza's temper is out of control; the Dolls take on their hometown rival; Miss Dianna has a secret weapon.
A Whole New Doll Game 02x16
The summer season is here and things are heating up in the Dollhouse! Miss Dianna is shaking things up in the studio, throwing the team and the Dancing Doll Parents into frenzy. The Captain spot is up-for-grabs and Miss D announces that the top contenders must compete in weekly dance-offs to determine the Captain, making tensions run high. Meanwhile, Dianna's "favorite" rival coach Neva is back to compete along with a new team from the steaming South, the Xplosive Dance Company of Texas, which brings its army of dancers to battle the Dancing Dolls on the floor.
Rival Rehash 02x15
Battle Royale 2015 02x14
Road to Royale 02x13
Copycat 02x12
Baby Tiger Attack 02x11
Don't Do It, Neva 02x10
Captain Down 02x09
Traci's Revenge 02x08
Stamp Out Atlanta 02x07
No Stopping Kayla 02x06
Selena's Triple Threat 02x05
Bucking in Bama 02x04
Hometown Showdown 02x03
Miss D Loses Her Cool 02x02
Miami Heat is Back 02x01
The Power of 5 02x00

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