The Dancing Dolls are back with all-new back-to-back episodes Thursday nights on Lifetime! Competition season is heating up as Battle Royale approaches and the girls will face some of their toughest rivals yet! With new routines to master and Coach D working on opening her Atlanta Dollhouse, the OG's and DDP will have to work harder than ever before. And when Coach D finally narrows down the search for the new captain, the final two will have to face off in a heated Doll vs. Doll competition to determine who will earn the title! "Bring It!" is produced by Pilgrim Media Group with Craig Piligian and Megan Estrada executive producing. Colleen Conway Grogan executive produces the series for Lifetime. Add to my shows

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Bring It Live! Detour 06x10

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The struggle is real when the Dancing Dolls launch a fierce agenda to win the seniors' final Battle Royale. Coach D choreographs an epic Egyptian creative, complete with mummy baby dolls, giant phoenixes, and even an untamed wild animal! But the drama behind the scenes threatens to eclipse the Dolls' routine when Dianna and guest judge, Laurieann Gibson, get into a major brawl. Plus, Coach D decides once and for all who will be the next captain of the Dancing Dolls.

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