A masked magician reveals the techniques used in the world's most famous magic tricks, from the disappearing elephant to the levitating woman. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 13 02x13
The masked magician shows how illusionists sever and reattach an assistant's hand, walk on water and materialize a woman in a puff of smoke.
Episode 12 02x12
The masked magician demonstrates how to turn coffee into coins, summon birds from an empty box and cause a trolley car to levitate and vanish.
Episode 11 02x11
This episode reveals how to morph a skeleton into a dummy, then into a woman, walk through glass and levitate through a steel hoop.
Episode 10 02x10
The masked magician uncovers the tricks behind materializing a military vehicle, making a motorcycle vanish and summoning ghosts at a séance.
Episode 9 02x09
Discover the secrets behind illusions such as passing a playing card through solid glass, Houdini's fish bowl, levitating an assistant and more.
Episode 8 02x08
The masked magician makes an assistant's torso vanish, conjures spirits, catches a card in midair on a sword and dodges the blades of death.
Episode 7 02x07
The masked magician shares the secrets of materializing an assistant in a glass cylinder, levitation and surviving impalement on a steel spike.
Episode 6 02x06
The masked magician demonstrates how to escape from a steel drum filled with water, levitate a dollar bill and slice a woman into thirds.
Episode 5 02x05
Discover the tricks behind walking through a sheet of steel, vanishing an assistant and surviving a wood chipper.
Episode 4 02x04
This episode reveals the secrets behind making a truck vanish, biting a quarter in half and walking through spinning fan blades.

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