"Bottom Feeders" follows the lives and struggles of three teams of commercial fisherman as they battle Mother Nature, and each other, to bring in “the big haul” and put food on the family table. With a work ethic that is stronger than the rock-carved banks of the river they fish on, and a paycheck that is often times smaller than the tiny towns they call home, these men are true, red-blooded Americans trying to make a living by catching a freshwater fish that others rarely want – bottom-feeding fish like carp and suckers. Some are small-time, single-man operations. Others are large, automated teams. But all share a love of the river. And all are "Bottom Feeders". Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Old Ways Never Die 03x09
Mike and Rick are traveling back to their childhood home to pull with Rick’s new Minnesota license. Then, Jedd has high hopes of turning over a new leaf. But while pulling a 750,000 pound load, his patience is once again tested.
Back on Track 03x08
After a rocky start to the new partnership, Mike and Rick patch things up, but Rick still struggles with his new partner’s old fashioned ways on the water. On Lake Wisconsin Tim and Jeff are battling the “sickle bar bandit” … determined to win.
The Sabotage 03x07
Earlier in the year, Tim and Jeff successfully outbid Jedd Monsoor to win the prized Lake Wisconsin fishing rights. With hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain, they bring a full crew to the lake, but something’s fishy beneath the surface. Meanwhile Mike finds his new forged partnership with brother rick at risk when he chooses to go fishing with his son Justin, leaving his new partner and brother out of the picture. While these teams struggle, Jedd pulls 750,000 lbs of carp.
Partners 03x06
With the contract in hand, Tim and Jeff are striking out on Clam Lake they take one last show at 400,000 lbs. of fish before the fish move to deeper waters. With the loss of the contract Rick moves to Minnesota and gets his commercial license for that side of the river. With this he and mike become equal partners.
Clam Lake 03x05
Trying to move up in the fishing ranks, and better his financial situation, Rick bids and wins the exclusive fishing rights on an inland lake – Clam Lake, however when he is denied the bond necessary to secure the bid, he loses the contract and Tim and partner Jeff take full advantage of Rick’s misfortune.
Never Say Never 03x04
Mike has been chasing a school of fish for a couple of weeks now, but can’t get them cornered. He needs Tim’s help to locate them using his equipment. So, for the first time in over 10 years Mike and Tim agree to partner up for a single pull. Will this put the past in the past and forge a new relationship? Meanwhile, Jedd is grounded, choosing to work on his equipment in the shop rather than waste his time and energy in the bitter cold. But even here Jedd is in true form.
The Good, Bad and the Ugly 03x03
In an effort to salvage a net full of live fish after the weather almost does in the crew, Mike tries a new and unconventional way to bring his load of fish to the live truck waiting for them. Meanwhile, Tim has pulled in $60,000 worth of live fish, but will they make it to market?
We Are Bottom Feeders 03x02
Strike Out 03x01
Trouble is an everyday battle on the water. To catch fish today, Mike Johnson has to cross the ice, fishing with his brother, Rick, despite ongoing conflicts. Meanwhile, Tim Adams is eager to get back on the ice with a new fishing partner.
Old & New Faces 02x13

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