Border Security: Australia's Front Line is a fascinating insight into the daily workings of the thousands of officers who dedicate their lives to protecting Australia's border.With unprecedented access to all areas of national security we patrol the front line with the men and woman of Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Biosecurity.No more than now has Australia's border been at such risk and Border Security is there capturing all the real-life drama at Australia's busiest airports, sea ports, cargo facilities, mail centres, and on operations in the community. Add to my shows

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Episode 5 19x05
A convicted drug smuggler returns to Australia for the first time since his arrest 15 years ago. A man's false declaration could have devastating consequences for Australia's Biosecurity.

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Episode 4 19x04
A Brazilian woman arriving from New Zealand is caught with what looks like an implement to snort cocaine. Border Force execute a warrant in search of a Sri Lankan man they think is here illegally.
Episode 3 19x03
Episode 2 19x02
Episode 1 19x01
Officers come across a box from Malaysia that seems a little unusual and reveals something frightening. Officer Shane investigates a delivery of chip packets that contain something less than savoury.
Episode 10 18x10
Officers are concerned a passenger may be up to a lot more than he's letting on. A container from China that will blow the lid off a massive criminal syndicate. Also, a huge threat to our biosecurity.
Episode 9 18x09
A nervous man has brought a bag of tea and coffee which turns out to be much more than a beverage. A couple returning to Australia have a very creepy collection they've brought home with them.
Episode 8 18x08
A young designer from LA arrives with a suspicious bag. Biosecurity officers uncover a huge quantity of high risk items in the luggage of a Chinese student.
Episode 7 18x07
A nervous man alarms officers. Two Brazilian men claim to be best friends but officers suspect it's a cover for illegal activity. A huge amount of prohibited food shocks Bio Security.
Episode 6 18x06
Officers know a male passenger is lying to them, they just need to work out what he is hiding. A grisly package containing animal parts has biosecurity officers on edge.
Episode 5 18x05
Two boxes are intercepted containing native shingle back lizards ready to be shipped out of the country. A man is fined heavily for bringing in prohibited meats.

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