While working in the bars of South Boston, Jack Maxwell learned one thing - sit down with a stranger and a couple of drinks, and the whole world opens up. In Booze Traveler, Maxwell sets out across the globe to find the world's most interesting beverages and the people who drink them. Over the course of 15 episodes, viewers will follow Maxwell as he travels to various locations around the world including Armenia, Belize, Lithuania, Mongolia and Nepal. At each stop, he connects with locals, immerses himself in regional activities, learns about the country's unique relationship with liquor and sometimes even participates in the alcohol-making process. Add to my shows

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Home is Where the Booze Is 04x09

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Jack wants to learn the true meaning of 'Pura Vida,' the Costa Rican secret to true happiness. To find his happy place, he'll dodge a stampede of bulls, come face-to-face with a deadly snake ...
Another Round: Greece: The Morning After 03x23
Ouzo, a marathon plate-smashing bachelor party, sheep, and an ancient hangover cure; Jack explores Greece as it leans on traditions to help find its way through an uncertain time.
Another Round: New Zealand 03x22
The Green Dragon, stag semen stout, and rustling up some grubs.

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