Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia's busiest beach - 365 days a year. With helicopter footage and behind the scenes access, get side-by-side the lifeguards as they put themselves in danger to help save others.The head lifeguard expects his team to give it everything they've got. But with a maximum eight lifeguards on duty at any one time, and over 40,000 beachgoers on a summer's day, the question arises 'is everything they've got enough'? Performing around 2,500 rescues each season and with crowds exceeding 2.5 million people per year, the team certainly has their work cut out for them. The tight knit group work and play together, keeping each other in check and their feet planted firmly on the ground. Experience the action through the eyes of lifeguards as they deal with everything from shark scares to mass rescues, resuscitations, lost children and thieves.Bondi Rescue celebrates the unsung heroes of Australia's best asset - the beach. Add to my shows

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Episode 10 15x10
As thousands flock Bondi at the height of Coronavirus and social distancing, the State Police Minister arrives to bar people from the beach – the first time it's been done since World War 2.

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Episode 9 15x09
The Lifeguards investigate a UFO on Bondi's iconic shores - that is, an unidentified-floating-object of course. Will it be a whale, boat, or something out of this world?
Episode 8 15x08
Two brothers share an extraordinary tale of how they used resuscitation techniques learned by watching Bondi Rescue on someone who was struck by lightning.
Episode 7 15x07
No two days are the same at Bondi Beach, and for good reason! The lifeguards are on high alert when a group of monks go missing on the iconic shores.
Episode 6 15x06
Tragedy strikes when a husband and wife are washed off rocks by a massive wave. The Lifeguards search desperately for the couple, hoping that the rescue mission doesn't become a body retrieval.
Episode 5 15x05
When a car free falls off a ledge, tumbling upside down onto one of the Australia's busiest walking tracks, the Lifeguards venture off the sand to help keep beach goers safe.
Episode 4 15x04
It's New Year's Day and things get serious when a teenager overdoses. In the water Chappo pulls two teenagers onto his board, but faces a dilemma when two men further out start going under water.
Episode 3 15x03
It's Christmas at Bondi and hordes of revellers overwhelm lifeguards. Jake racks up hundreds of rescues on his jet ski and Jackson must run through the packed crowd to rescue a drunk woman in a rip.
Episode 2 15x02
A tourist is found unresponsive on the shoreline, her sister translates as lifeguards treat her for a spinal injury. Maxi is splitting his time working both as a firefighter and a lifeguard.
Episode 1 15x01
Australia's East Coast has been devasted by drought and fires. While the fires continue to blaze, the smoke impacts the lifeguards visibility, quality of air and their ability to protect beachgoers.
Episode 12 14x12

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