Ever since the world's longest running live children's programme began on the 16th October 1958 it has grown from strength to strength! With new viewers in each generation, the show is rapidly becoming more and more popular, with CBBC presenters coming and going, new ideas and skills are added to the mix of the current presenters. Add to my shows

season 56

Space Competition Winner Revealed 56x58
After many weeks of judging the team, the winner is finally revealed of the mission patch competition. The design will be worn by Tim Peake during his voyage into space next year.
Lindsey's Epic New Challenge 56x57
Lindsey takes on the challenge of Mountain Marathon Challenge. Radzi gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Tower Bridge. The presenters are joined in the studio by the Japanese dance troupe Siro-A.
Bake Off, Heroes and Heights 56x54
Martha Collinson, of Great British Bake Off fame is in the studio to demonstrate how to be a baking hero for this year's Children in Need. Barney takes on the role of the entertainment hero. Elsewhere Radzi is in the Lake District.
Halloween Spooktacular 56x53
The team are getting ready for Halloween with a spooky banquet. They are joined in the studio by special effects make-up artist. Greg Foot shows the team just what goes into a firework.
Arjun and Osprey Nest 56x52
There is a special performance from singer Arjun and Lindsey learns how to build an osprey nest.
Shelly the Tortoise, Commonwealth Games Track and Thames Barriers 56x51
Shelly the Tortoise celebrates her 10th anniversary on the show. Radzi and Lindsey take on an epic mountain bike challenge. Barney learns how the Thames barriers protect London from floods.
Iggy the Puppy, Warrior Monks and Epic Music 56x50
The team are live from the BBC Philharmonic and the Blue Peter Studios. To celebrate the BBC's Ten Pieces project there will be a musical performance from the Philharmonic. Also Barney will chat to the musicians. Radzi attempts to play the alphorn in Switzerland. The Shaolin Monks join the team in the studio to perform their stunning mix of martial arts.
The Vamps and Your Poetry 56x49
The team are joined by The Vamps who answers viewers questions and perform their new single. National Poetry Day is coming and Michael Rosen writes special poem's based on the viewer's ideas.
Surfing and Sport Badge 56x48
Barney will attempt to surf one of the largest tidal surges, the Severn Bore. It is the final week of the 2014 Sport Badge, so the team will be celebrating the thousands of applications they have received this summer.
World Record Attempt 56x47
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi attempt to break a very messy record.
Tall Ships and Animals 56x46
The stars of Our School make a guest appearance on the show.
Space Competition Launch 56x45
The Blue Peter team launch a new competition for viewers. Viewers will have the chance to design a mission patch for British astronaut Tim Peake.
Youth Olympic Games 56x44
Lindsey presents from the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China.
Extremes 56x42
In this episode the Blue Peter team are in Switzerland.
Ed Sheeran and Union J 56x41
Union J and Ed Sheeran join Barney, Lindsey and Radzi in the garden.
At the Beach 56x40
The show is presented from the beach, Barney, Lindsey and Radzi are on the shores of Colwyn Bay.
Does Commonwealth Games 56x39
The team are in Scotland were Radzi meets successful athlete Libby Clegg. Plus a performance from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.
Meerkats and More 56x38
Lindsay and Radzi train alongside some Olympic Gold rowing medallists. Lucy Cooke brings some meerkats into the studio and Rixton perform.
Iggy the Puppy Is Back! 56x37
Ashley and Pudsey show off a trick. Quentin Blake discusses his work as does Amandeep Singh.
Fast Cars 56x36
Barney meets Susie Wolff at a special show from the Hebden Bridge Handmade parade.
Does Wimbledon 56x35
Radzi meets a 9 year old tennis superstar Jhonayah Fletchman, as Lindsey gets a behind the scenes tour of this years Wimbledon.
Brand New Puppy 56x34
Lindsey helps train a guide dog puppy. Barney and Lindsey get a dancing lesson from some international champions.
Footy + Father's Day 56x33
A look ahead to this fathers Day and England's chances in this years world cup.
Live in Minsmere, Suffolk 56x32
The team are live at RSPB Minsmere with the 'Springwatch' team. Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham help this years Green badge season come to an end.
Live in Newcastle, Gateshead 56x31
Louis Smith and Hannah Cockroft join the team live from Newcastle, as they launch this years Blue Peter sports badge and CBBC live.
Green and Extreme 56x30
Lindsey and Radzi go head to head in an extreme carriage race. Greg Foot creates a comet in the studio.
Series 56, Episode 29 56x29
Barney and Radzi compete to earn their hovercraft licenses so they can have a race against one another. Plus how to make your very own mini hovercraft using household items.
The Next Step, Grilling Bear Grylls and Greg Foot 56x28
Lindsey interviews Bear Grylls with questions from viewers. 'The Next Step' cast show how to transform normal plain hoodies and Ruff Diamond perform.
Astronaut Training, Rubbish Puppets and Eurotunnel 56x27
Barney meets British astronaut Tim Peake. Lindsey works with the team who maintain the channel tunnel. Plus a theatre group who turn rubbish into puppets are in the studio.
Skinny-Jeaned Gardeners, Beach Watch and Rocket's Island 56x26
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi are in the garden to launch green season. Diarmuid Gavin joins the team showing off some specially designed plants. Lindsey goes backstage at the Globe theatre.
Matisse, Elyar Fox and Life-Saving Dogs 56x25
Lindsey goes behind the scenes at a new exhibition at the Tate Modern. Radzi learns more about dogs that save lives and Elyar Fox performed.
Next Step, Easter Nests and Dance Vote 56x24
The team demonstrate how to make a nest for Easter eggs. Plus the stars of 'The Next Step' show off some dance moves. Lindsey tries to beat her phobia of fish as she helps look after some fish whilst a canal is maintained in Birmingham.
Tich, Tie Dye T-Shirt and Tower Block Demolition 56x23
Barney gets to witness a 35 foot tower been demolished. Radzi and Lindsey are joined by Tich in the studio who performs and has a fashion make. Plus some baby owls are brought into the studio by a owl handler who at 11 years old already has 200 owls flying around his back garden.
Mother's Day Card, Kaiser Chiefs and the Muppets 56x22
Kaiser Chiefs perform their new single. Barney goes behind the scenes of the new 'Muppets' movie. Radzi becomes an adjudicator at a world record breaking attempt as children from across London play a piece of Samba music. Plus how to make a home-made Mothers day card with paint, washing up liquid and sticky black plastic.
Little Mix, Kian Egan, Lizzy Yarnold and the 31-Legged Race 56x20
Kian Egan performs. Lizzy Yarnold meets some sporty treats. The mentors take part in their final 'Sport Relief' challenge as they mentor three schools in a race.
Beardyman, Sport Relief Vote and Pedal Power 56x19
The presenters 'Sport Relief' challenge as they compete in a cycling race on contraptions they have made themselves. Beardyman puts a beatboxing performance on based on viewers suggestions.
Astronauts, Pentatonix and Jedward 56x18
The first live Blue Peter of the year see's a world record attempt taking place live. Plus Jedward are in the studio and Barney and Lindsey meet up with a acapella American group called Pentatonix.
Blue Peter's Radzi Chinyanganya 56x17
Radzi goes behind the scenes at the show, takes us home to meet his family and meets the young sports personality of the year 2013.
Christmas Special 2013 56x15
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi present this years Christmas special.
Button Baubles, Trafalger Square Christmas Tree and Dani's Castle 56x14
Blue Peter Book Awards Shortlist, Christmas Cards and Polish Christmas 56x13
The shortlist for the annual book awards is announced. Jeff Kinney talks about his successful book series 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. Hacker T Dog helps make a pop-up Christmas card.
Series 56, Episode 12 56x12
Lindsey meets a 6ft 7 kangaroo who has taken in many orphaned baby kangaroos. Plus Tophorn and Joey the life-size horse puppets from the stage production of 'Warhorse' were in the studio.
Doctor Who - Blue Peter Party 56x11
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi announce the winner of the 'Doctor Who' competition in this special episode. Plus Matt Smith answers viewers questions from inside the tardis and their's a recipe for dalek cupcakes.
Series 56, Episode 10 56x10
Series 56, Episode 9 56x09
The finale of the 'Get Spotted' campaign has arrived and the presenters make a giant 25m by 25m spot made up from spots sent in from viewers at home.
Series 56, Episode 8 56x08
Series 56, Episode 7 56x07
The Vamps, Get Spotted for Children in Need, Barney's Big Bike Challenge 56x06
The Vamps perform their new single in the studio. Plus more fundraising ideas for Children In Need. Radzi gets his face carved into the side of a pumpkin and Barney takes on his bike challenge.
Get Spotted for Children in Need, Spotty Pizzas and Tour of Britain 56x05
Radzi joins the team for his first show as a presenter. The focus of this episode is fund-raising ideas for this years Children In Need campaign.
Hedgehog, House Wakeboarding and Steve Backshall 56x04
Steve Backshall is in the studio today.
Atlantis, Tour of Britain and Wolfblood Set Make 56x03
Today learn how to make the set of 'Wolfblood' and learn all about new show 'Atlantis'.
Helen's Last Blue Peter Show 56x02
Helen Skelton leaves the Blue Peter team and reveals whether or not she completed her final challenge.

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