Ever since the world's longest running live children's programme began on the 16th October 1958 it has grown from strength to strength! With new viewers in each generation, the show is rapidly becoming more and more popular, with CBBC presenters coming and going, new ideas and skills are added to the mix of the current presenters. Add to my shows

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season 55

Comic Relief Special 55x25
Live from Television Centre, a Comic Relief special of the magazine show hosted by Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood. We see Helen's final challenge, hear from the 'Comic Relief does Glee Club' hosts Sam & Mark. Plus very special guests Peter Kay and Miss Piggy.
14/3/13 55x24
Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood present the kids magazine show.
Comic Relief 2013 55x23
Helen competes in one of her other 'Comic Relief' challenges. Plus the book award winners are announced.
Comic Relief 2013 55x22
We find out more about Helen's photo challenge. Plus Marcus Collins and the cast of 'Hairspray' perform.
Comic Relief 2013 55x21
We reveal how Helen got on in her Comic Relief photo challenge - did she manage to set up a photo shoot and is it going to be published? And discover how viewers can get involved in fundraising at home.
February 14 2013 55x20
How did Helen get on in her Comic Relief Theatre challenge - did she manage to perform in two different London stage shows on the same evening? And what ideas has she got for viewers to get involved at home? Plus, some of the fantastic animations that were sent in by viewers following our special Blue Peter Giant Animation special.
Dick and Dom and Chinese New Year 55x19
The unpredictable Dick and Dom are live in the studio to conduct science experiments from their latest show 'Absolute Genius'. Plus we reveal how Helen Skelton got on in her first Comic Relief Challenge - did she succeed and has she inspired viewers to start fundraising?
January 31 2012 55x18
January 24 2013 55x17
Helen Skelton and Chris Evans provide all the information for the 500-word short story competition. Barney meets a very special, brand new arrival at a safari park, and one of the producers of the BBC series Africa is in the studio to demonstrate the programme's amazing cameras and share some exclusive clips.
Magic Tricks and Amelia Lily 55x16
Amelia Lily performs her new single.
Book Awards and Aircraft Engineers 55x15
Helen learns all about been an aircraft engineer.
Christmas Special 55x14
A special episode showing some tricks you can do with a camera.
Christmas Special 55x13
Helen and Barney look over highlights of the 2012 episodes.
Christmas Special 55x12
Helen and Barney present a festive carol singing special.
Lapland: Elf School, Christmas Jumpers and Mr Stink 55x11
Tips on how to design your own Christmas jumper.
Reindeers and Ice Sculptors in Lapland 55x10
Helen and Barney travel to Lapland.
Children's Takeover Day 55x09
Four viewers of the show takeover the programme today from the production suite.

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