Ever since the world's longest running live children's programme began on the 16th October 1958 it has grown from strength to strength! With new viewers in each generation, the show is rapidly becoming more and more popular, with CBBC presenters coming and going, new ideas and skills are added to the mix of the current presenters. Add to my shows

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Best of 2016 2016x53
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi pick some of their favourite moments from a jam-packed 2016.
It's Christmas! 2016x52
In this special Christmas edition, children from local schools will be singing a carol live in studio and the final light on Blue Peter's famous Advent crown will be lit.The cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will perform a musical number, and Barney and Radzi will learn all about everyone's favourite festive vegetable… sprouts. They will learn about why we eat them at Christmas, how they are grown and harvested - and will face a sprout-picking challenge.
Hank Zipzer's in Town! 2016x51
Children's magazine with information, topical items and performance. Barney and Radzi compete at the European Curling Championships, Tom Fletcher tells some Festive Fibs and Nick James (AKA Hank Zipzer) gets messy answering viewers' questions. Plus, find out who has been nominated for Young Sports Personality of the Year 2016.
Epic Christmas Card Make! 2016x50
Children's magazine with information, topical items and performance.
Big Beasts! 2016x49
Radzi goes behind the scenes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the team are joined in the studio by some fantastic beasts of their own.
Goo Your Thing! 2016x48
It's a Children in Need spectacular as Barney, Lindsey and Radzi run, row and cycle to the ultimate bake sale in their Extreme Try-athlon. Pop megastar Olly Murs performs his latest single. Plus someone will get goo-ed. Who? You decide!
With Special Guest Tim Peake! 2016x47
Jeff Kinney and the Wimpy Kid! 2016x46
Tricks, Treats and Tubes 2016x45
Freestyling Footy Fun 2016x44
Doodles, Deer and Dropping Beat 2016x43
TDM Fan Club Takeover 2016x42
Thrills, Spills and... Sheep! 2016x41
Sport Badge Finish Line 2016x40
The team are joined in the studio by a host of Olympians to inspire viewers to earn their sport badge. We continue Lindsey's sailing journey off the Isle of Wight, Barney gets some tips from an up-and-coming young darts player and the cast of the new Disney show, The Lodge, show off their singing and dancing moves.
A Roald Dahl Special 2016x39
Celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th anniversary with a fantabulous Blue Peter special. The team try to recreate the science from his famous books. Also, the cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory perform in the studio. Phizz-whizzing!
A Record-Breaking Spectacular! 2016x38
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi each attempt to break their very own record, involving planes, badges and straws! Lindsey puts the new five pound super-note to the test and Barney commemorates 350 years since the Great Fire of London.
Badge Baton Finale! 2016x37
Earn Your Silver Badge! 2016x36
Purple Power - It's Your Badge! 2016x35
Go Green and Get Your Badge! 2016x34
Get Your Sport Badge! 2016x33
Summer Badge Baton Relay Challenge! 2016x32
The Blue Peter team kick-start the summer badge baton relay, where they challenge viewers to earn all their Blue Peter badges, starting with the blue badge! To celebrate, Lindsey and Radzi get a head for heights by being strapped to a plane and attempt a wing walking challenge involving passing a baton to each other! Will they succeed? Also how to make a badge baton to store badges, plus the team surprise a viewer by delivering a Blue Peter badge!
Dream Big Orange Badge Show 2016x31
Awesome Authors 2016x30
Live Awesome Authors 2016x29
Loves Books! 2016x28
Super Sport Badge Sportacular! 2016x27
Secrets of Film and TV! 2016x26
The Big Bug Show! 2016x25
World Records and Flying High! 2016x24
Radzi takes to the skies to join in a flypast over Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. A football freestyler attempts a new world record. Also, Barney takes on the art of scratching with a world-famous DJ and is challenged to a solo performance with BBC Philharmonic orchestra.
A Big Surprise & Matilda Ramsay! 2016x23
Goes Greener 2016x22
Space Spectacular 2016x21
The Big Fan Club Takeover! 2016x20
This episode of Blue Peter is a fan club takeover, where viewers can control the show via the Blue Peter Fan Club. There are live online votes, viewer comments and a chance for you and your friends to become Fans of the Month! So if you've got your badge, the most important question is, are you part of the fan club yet?
Big Iggy News! 2016x19
Brand New Dream Big Competition! 2016x18
Get Your Team GB Sport Badge! 2016x17
Competition Winner & Shakespeare 2016x16
Rocket-Fuelled Fun 2016x15
It's All About the Badge 2016x14
The Walk That Changed the World 2016x13
In 1965 Martin Luther King led a march between the cities of Selma and Montgomery, Alabama USA. The marchers faced violence, intimidation and difficult conditions, but over the course of that 50 mile walk, thousands of people joined to raise awareness around the world and bring about huge changes to the rights of black people in the US.It was a walk that means a lot to presenter Radzi Chinyanganya. Growing up in Wolverhampton with a black father and white mother, Martin Luther King was his hero - and so to remember what those marchers achieved and to tell the story of what happened he'll be walking in the footsteps of those civil rights history makers.In a special edition he'll walk the same route, and along the way he'll be meeting some of those at the centre of what happened in 1965: Senator John Lewis, who led the marches, and is cited by Barak Obama as one of the inspirations behind his rise to become President of the United States; Sheyann Webb, who was just eight years old when she faced police brutality on the Edmond Pettus Bridge; and Reverend Fredrick Reese - reverend of the Selma church the march left from.Radzi will also be meeting some of the children whose life growing up in America has been affected by the civil rights movement, and find out what that part of history means to them. He'll be eating the same food, walking the same roads, and hearing the music that inspired them, to try and experience some of what those protestors experienced back then, to discover how what happened in one corner of Alabama has affected the USA today.Join him on his journey to discover the walk that changed the course of history - the walk that changed the world.
Lindsey's Epic Sport Relief Challenge 2016x12
A special following Lindsey Russell as she undergoes her Sport Relief challenge.
The Big Sport Relief Spectacular! 2016x11
Live from the Velodrom in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Blue Peter present a special edition for Sports Relief. In this episode, find out how Blue Peter's Lindsey Russell, 'The Wave Runner', does as she takes on one of the programme's most challenging tasks for Sports Relief. Elsewhere Barney shows where the money raised by Sports Relief goes. The charity will fund important projects across the UK and abroad.
A Batmobile, a Kung Fu Panda and a Wave Runner! 2016x10
Lindsey continues in her Sport Relief challenge. There's a behind the scenes look at the new Kung Fu Panda movie, a ride in the Batmobile and a performance from Lawson.
Books, Books, Books! 2016x09
Barney chats to Tim Peake. Angellica Bell reveals the Book Award winners and Mary Poppins gives a performance in the studio.
The Wave Runner Begins 2016x08
Danger Mouse & Epic Cycle Race 2016x07
Valentine's & Sport Relief Cycle Challenge! 2016x06
04/02/2016 2016x05
28/01/2016 2016x04
Get Your Purple Badge 2016x03
The Next Step Live! 2016x02
Barney heads to Blackpool and explores rays currently under threat in the wild. Lindsey goes down the deepest sewage tunnel in the UK.
All New for 2016! 2016x01
Barney, Lindsey and Radzi host the first show of 2016. We go backstage at the Sports Personality of the Year awards and there's a look at the best bits of the show from 2015.

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