Ichigo Kurosaki was an far from an average 15 year old high school student. He had bleach Orange hair and can see ghost. His life changes on day when he sees Rukia Kuchiki a shinigami. Now he gets her job, and must learn the ways of the shinigami. Opening Themes:"*~Asterisk" by Orange Range (eps 1-25) "D-tecnolife" by UVERworld (eps 26-51) "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color (eps 52-74) "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by Beat Crusaders (eps 75-97) Ending Themes:"Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu (eps 1-13) "Thank You" or "Arigato" by HOME MADE KAZOKU (eps 14-25) "Houkiboushi" by Younha (eps 26-38) "Happy People" by Skoop on Somebody (eps 39-51) "Life" by YUI (eps 52-63) "My Pace" by SunSet Swish (eps 64-74) "Hanabi" by Ikimono-gakari (eps 75-86) Click here to see the original Japanese version main page. There is currently 18 Volumes in the English version of Bleach's manga. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Changing History, Unchanging Heart 16x24
Ichigo vs. Ginjō! Secret of the Substitute Badge 16x23
Desperate Struggle!? Byakuya's Troubled Memories 16x22
Byakuya has some troubling memories.
Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. XCUTION! 16x21
Shinigami takes on XCUTION!
Revival! Substitute Shinigami: Ichigo Kurosaki! 16x20
A New Appearance! The Gotei 13, Arrives! 16x19
Ichigo vs Uryu?! Who is the Traitor?! 16x18
Ichigo takes on Uryu.
The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime 16x17
Ichigo and Kūgo manage to find a secret hideout out. The pair have to catch their breath and formulate a plan. They go to Tsukishima's mansion and engage in battle.
Clash!? Xcution attacks Ginjō 16x16
Tsukishima's Ability, the Danger is Drawing Near! 16x15
Ichigo is spotted in the woods as he looks for Senbonzakura and Byakuya.

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