Black Lightning centers on Jefferson Pierce. He made his choice: he hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with a daughter hell-bent on justice and a star student being recruited by a local gang, he'll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend Black Lightning. Add to my shows

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The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn 03x10
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Latest episodes

The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis 03x09
With the coming of the red skies, Jennifer finds herself torn between worlds.
The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace 03x08
Black Lightning decides to fight back when the ASA threatens his old neighborhood. Thunder battles Painkiller, and Tobias has a plan for Lynn to stop the ASA from weaponizing the metas.
The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus 03x07
Anissa asks Jeff to help her get Grace out of Freeland, while the ASA searches for metas door-to-door. Gambi convinces Lynn to help him gain access to The Pit, and Jennifer tries to find out where Jace is so she can help Brandon.
The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door 03x06
Black Lightning hits the streets to fight the ASA, while at home Jeff and Lynn fight. Anissa tries to fight Painkiller's toxin with some help from Gambi, and the Markovians launch an attack on the ASA with some help from Instant and Jace.
The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon 03x05
Odell tries to track down Blackbird, and Bill arrests Two-Bits and Reverend Holt. Lynn turns to an unlikely source to obtain the metacure, and Jeff gets a rude awakening from the ASA soldiers.
The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros 03x04
Jeff gets his first taste of occupied Freeland after he's freed from the Pit, and discovers that Jennifer is taking Odell's side. Lynn takes modified Green Light to boost her mental abilities, and Bill chafes under the ASA's commandeering of the station.
The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream 03x03
Odell uses several carrots and sticks to get Lynn, Jeff, Tobias, Khalil, and Jennifer to do his bidding as the siege of Freeland continues.
The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam's Tasbih 03x02
Freeland is under siege, and the Jeffersons feel the pressure: Jeff and Lynn argue, Jennifer snaps at her fellow students, and Anissa snaps at the Perdi when they take the meta refugees in. Gambi asks Bill to help him get a comm drive from the ASA so that he can contact Anissa, and Odell uses Khalil to conduct a field test of his new tech.
The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird 03x01
The ASA puts Freeland under martial law, forcing Bill to cooperate. Jeff and Lynn remain in "protective custody", and Anissa takes on a new costumed identity as Blackbird to get metas out of the city.
The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega 02x16
Black Lightning and Thunder take on the Masters of Disaster, while Peter and Jennifer try to restore the city's power during the riots that break out after Cape Guy's death. Tobias and Cutter have a disagreement, and Odell makes his move.

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