Chronos - a group of deadly assasins, each with a number. Train Hartnett is number XIII, the Black Cat. At first he seems to be a cruel killer, but a meeting with a girl Sweeper changed him completely. Now as a Sweeper, Train travelled with his partner Sven Volfied and Eve to hunt down criminals and seek revenge on Creed Diskence. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Free Cat 02x12
The Chrono Numbers face an apprehensive situation when their organization's existence is revealed to the world by Creed Diskence. Following a meeting with Chronos' leaders, Sephiria decides to finish the fight she had with Train, and so she leaves on a mission to find him. Once they meet, Sephiria challenges Train for possession of his gun; Hades, but Train declines. Before the confrontation can intensify, they are ambushed by Charden, who has come for the sole purpose of killing Sephiria.
Selfish Cat 02x11
Cat's Paradise 02x10
Cat Sharpens Nails 02x09
Cat About To Drown 02x08
Cat's Showdown 02x07
Sprinting Cat 02x06
Cat Leaves on a Ship 02x05
Napping Cat 02x04
Having learned that the Apostles of the Stars hideout is located on an island, Train departs from the company of his friends and ventures over a mountain, intending to go to the port town on the other side. However, his journey is interrupted when walking through a dense fog, as he suddenly collapses. He later awakens in a house belonging to a young woman named Saki, whose appearance greatly resembles that of an old friend. As Train spends time recovering, he learns of the reason why Saki is living here, and realizes this place may not be as it appears.
Cat which hunts Dragons 02x03
A bounty for Creed and his fellow Apostles of the Stars members has been released, causing a number of sweepers to band together in a group dedicated to taking them down. Sven learns of this group, and tries his best to keep the knowledge of it unknown to Train by sending him on a mission with Eve. A woman has lost her pet lizard, and it's up to Train and Eve to locate it and return it safely; a mission they realize is far easier said than done.

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