Brazil is known all over the world for its beautiful bodies, outrageous celebrations and open sexuality. A place where conservative traditions and modern excesses collide, allows for an ever-changing landscape of sexuality. "Beyond Carnival: Sex In Brazil" is a one-hour SexTV special that gets behind the stereotypes and reveals the complex relationships of Brazilians vs. sex and sexuality. With a progressive view on HIV prevention, prostitution, as well as transgenderism, Brazil is home to an array of fascinating characters whose lives embrace sexual diversity. Told through the eyes and hearts of some of the fascinating people who live and work in the country, are stories that include: a woman who creates condom couture to spur talk about AIDS, a fashion house run by prostitutes who demand respect for their work, an ex-pimp who now runs a hospice for HIV+ transvestites and a sex worker who won the right for prostitutes to retire with a pension. Add to my shows

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