"Within this hour we will tell you five stories, some real, some fake, you decide. Your call". This weekly series first premiered in May 1997. Back then with host, James Brolin. He then left, and Jonathan Frakes, made it very interesting as host there on after. This series has been on and off, with 'burnoffs' that included over 1997/1998, where they just brought it back for one day on Friday, which made people confused because it didn't air the week after that. But again, FOX revived it was brought back for the Summer 2002. Creepy true stories like the boy vanishing in the closet, and false stories, like the dog coming back to life, and the couple struggling with money finds the Gone with the Wind dresses in their closet. Watch Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? on the Sci-Fi Channel every Wednesday at 7:00pm EST. Also check out the Marathon on Wednesday, Oct. 27th starting at 8:00am. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Hand; The Battered Doll; Poker Justice; Above the Clouds; Screen Saver 04x13
Stories include a maid who murders her employers after being fired for mistreating their talking dolls, one of which squeals on her to police.
Witness to Murder; Roulette Wheel; The Phrenologist's Head; The Bridge; The Cigar Box 04x12
Stories include ghost hunters who stumble upon a murder in progress and learn that it occurred nearly 40 years earlier.
The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard; Wheelchair Man; The Vigil; The Mandarin's Bowl; Ghost Writer 04x11
Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker; Hot Car 04x10
An aspiring writer receives warnings on her computer from a previous tenant of the house she thinks is perfect for creativity.
The Wealthy Widow; The Witness; The Accident; Bad Dreams; Mental 04x09
Stories include three girls who hold a seance to contact a friend who was murdered and learn the killer's identity. Host:
Caitlin's Candle; The Flower Jury; The Mentor; The Old Bike; The Music Teacher 04x08
Stories include a curse on two escape-artist brothers who worked during the time of Houdini.
The Wreath, Terror Night, Tants, The Candidate; The Ring 04x07
The Dorm; The Child Artist; The Weatherman; Sit-Down Comic; Room 245 04x06
House of Shadows; One Hand in the Till; Teasdale's Motor Car; The Vision; The Grave 04x05
Second Sight; The Fine Line; The Wrong Turn; Who Was I; You Are Next 04x04
Stories include a woman who receives cornea transplants from a murder victim and later identifies the killer and brings him to justice.

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