In this new interpretation of the Batman legend, Bruce Wayne has recently returned to Gotham. With the aide of his butler and former SAS operative Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce takes on the guise of Batman and fights the villains of Gotham City. Helping him is Katana, a young martial artist who Alfred hires to assist Bruce when he realizes that he's too old to serve in the field. Add to my shows

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Alone 01x26
Continuing from the last episode, both Batman and Katana survive their encounters with death, although they are unsure on how they survived. Batman's belt is missing; he thinks that it was lost in the explosion, but it is shown that Slade has it. As Batman and Katana fight their way through the GCPD and the SCU, Deathstroke makes his escape in the Batmobile, by using the belt. By the time Batman and Katana have eluded the police, their worst fears have been realized: Deathstroke has found the Batcave and taken Alfred hostage. And if Batman ever wants to see Alfred alive again, he must come to the mansion... alone. Meanwhile, Anarchy wakes up Harvey Dent, telling of there victory in the death of Batman. Dent believes it should have been by their hands, not Deathstroke's. He reveals his true nature as Two-Face and breaks off his partnership with Anarchy, by trying to kill him. Both Katana and Batman know it is a trap, and Batman must go to save him. Katana tells him he is not alone, and that she can help, but Batman says no. After he leaves she calls Barbra and catches a ride. Anarchy tries to kill him, but Gordan stops him. Before he leaves, he welcomes Dent to the game. Dent leaves, but not before telling him that "they," are interested in running for mayor. Gordan wonders what did he mean. Batman arrives, and Deathstroke taunts him. Barbra arrives and Katana gives her a mask, so she can go by Oracle in front of Katana's friends, Man-Bat and Matamorpher. They head to the mansion. Meanwhile, Batman is facing the Batcave training system under Deathstroke's control, as he is avoiding the obstacles, Batman demands he let Alfred go. Deathstroke refuses, that it is about both of them, and he will be so happy when he is dead and he takes his place. Deathstroke proclaims to Alfred that his "sons," have come home, one a hero, another a villain. That tonight he will watch as one dies; Alfred proclaims that what happened between them is in the past. However because of his snooping, it caused people to try to kill him. That it was Alfred's fault that he lost everything, and to replace him with Bruce/Batman was the last straw. Deathstroke wonders why he chose him, maybe for the money; Alfred tells him that he chose him because he saw something in him that he didn't see in Deathstroke: Empathy and Compassion for life. That Bruce/Batman were a better man than he ever was. Deathstroke begins beating him, and Alfred begs him to stop. Deathstroke pushes him away, but Batman pushes him back, away from Alfred. With him distracted, Alfred manages to give Batman the ability to get free. Deathstroke says that they both have one thing in common: planning ahead. He has set the cave to explode unless he dies by his hand or watch everything he worked for be destroy. Batman says he forgot the third choice and begins attacking him. He drops the trigger, and says that only he can stop it. Batman says that he will just have to convince him to disarm the bombs, and they continue to fight. Batman defeats him and frees Alfred, but he returns and the fight continues, just as the others are arriving. Batman tells the others to disarm the bombs while he deals with Deathstroke. Oracle is able to use the detonator to determine where the bombs are and soon they begin gathering the bombs. Metamorpho contains the explosion and saves everyone. In a final battle, Batman defeats him, but if they hand them over to the police, he will reveal his identity to everyone. Alfred says maybe not, and tells his friends what will happen if his identity is revealed. He asks their friends if they can erase Slade's memories. Batman says he can't let Alfred do this, but he has to, in order for him to continue keeping Gotham safe. It works, and Batman realizes that he is not alone any more. Elsewhere, Anarchy in a chess game, praises him for his abilities, and asks to play again.Note: At the end, it is implied that Batman, Katana, Oracle, Man-Bat, and Metamorpho form the Outsiders.
Twist 01x25
Meanwhile, as Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Dent blames Batman for destroying his chances to become mayor, and will doing anything to stop him. Batman continues to work in secret while the world continues to believe that Bruce Wayne is dead. He visits the man known as the "Key." After a brief fight, Batman asks him to tell him everything he knows about Dane; The Key tells them a man by the name of Slace Wilson paid him for the forgeries. After getting his answer, he and Katana leave. They learn that Slade Wilson was possibly a disguised Dane. Alfred finally tells them where he went and why. Alfred tells him that he was his protege, but when he became reckless and started abusing his power, Alfred was forced to stop him. Slade Wilson was discharged by Alfred's recommendation, and in retaliation tried to kill Alfred but failed. Slade Wilson disappear, and Alfred left Bruce to find him and make peace. Alfred was led to believe that he was dead, but in secret Slade Wilson was trained to be a mercenary, and often change his appearance to avoid detection. They wonder why go through all the trouble, unless it was for something bigger. Deathstroke, and Dane are of the same man: Slade Wilson. He also know that Bruce Wayne is alive because he knows that he is Batman. Slade feels Alfred betrayed him, and wants to prove him wrong. He wants them to watch as he becomes someone better than the next person Alfred trained: Bruce, who later became Batman. He came to Gothem when he heard Alfred was searching for him, he then made sure Dent would go for the special position in the Police Force, and then connect Alfred to Bruce/Batman. Slade makes the necessary events happen, to twist things to his perfection. Also to guarantee, that he becomes Batman and Alfred's favorite "son." Batman declares that the way to stop him, is to twist everything back. Anarchy visits Dent in the hospital, who plans to leave the hospital; Anarchy asks if their plan will continue, Dent answers yes, but first he has some lose ends to tie up. They visit the women who has been making him look bad, and give her a choice: drop out of the race for mayor or die, she agrees. Batman goes to the media to tell his side of the story. They then visit Dent's "friend," and force him enacts martial law in Gotham, instructing the police to hunt down Batman and bring him to justice... dead or dead. At the interview, he declares that he is the only justice this city needs, and that Bruce was a problem that needed to be dealt with. After the interview, it turns out he said those things to bait the cops, then it is Slade Wilson's move. Gordon tries to stop Dent's martial law, but quits when he sees he can't do anything about it. At the location, chosen by Batman the police surround him. Anarchy warns that Batman is smarter than he looks, that it is a set up, but Dent doesn't listen. Batman and Katana discuss if Deathstroke will show, Batman believes he will since he changes his plans, while Katana is unsure, and hopefully before the police storm the building. Batman and Katana begin taking care of the police. They run into Dent, is was about to kill them, when one of his guards knocks him out, turning out to be Slade Wilson. Gordan arrives by Batman instructions, but is easily taken out by Slade. While Batman checks on Gordan, Slade attempts to escape and Katana goes after him in the helicopter. The two fights, and the helicopter starts to go down; Batman give Gordan treatment, then follows after seeing the helicopter going down. Batman arrives and joins the fight, he tells Batman that this was not as he planned. Batman tells him sorry to disappoint him, but Slade says like wise and causes Katana to fall out. Batman attempts to save her, but with held by Wilson, and they crash. To be Continued........
Epitaph 01x24
At a rally to announce Harvey Dent's run for mayor, Bruce Wayne is "assassinated" by "Batman." Katana fights him, but he escapes. The police search for him, but with no luck and declares him dead; however, Bruce survives, but badly injured and instead of telling the world, Bruce decides it's better to stay dead, and only tells Alfred, Katana, and Barbara. During that time Batman begins to hunts for his impostor. Batman attacks the police and tells that this is their only warning to stay out of his way. At Bruce's "funeral," Dent and Commission Godean announce that both of them will work together to hunt Batman, but "Batman," attacks the people at the funeral. It turns out that they were using the funeral as bait to make the impostor Batman come out, allowing the real Batman to chase him. In the end the impostor escapes; Batman believes it to be Humpty Dumpty, because of weapons used, but it may not be the case. For the weapons came from a place called the "armory." Barbara becomes anxious because they have called yet for her help. Meanwhile, Batman goes to the armory, with Katana near by to find some answers. Sadly, the police are there, and he is forced to defend himself against them. While in the building, Bruce's friend Dane appears to help, for he believes someone else "killed" Bruce, not Batman. Batman thought the armory was sealed after the wars of the past, but Dane tells him that Dent open it up for storing police equipment. Barbara calls Katana telling she knows who Batman is; Dent continues telling Batman, that ever since Dent got his special force, he has been keeping the weapons here; however, if Gordon ever found out how much firepower he really had, he would lose it. Batman discovers that Dane was the one to kill Bruce, and brought him here to kill him. Dent arrives, and believes that Batman has Dane. Batman is chasing Dane to a room, where he appears in his version on the Batman. They fights and the real Batman defeats Dane; Batman finds out that it was Deathstroke who is the one pulling the strings, and killed Bruce and framed Batman for revenge. Dane only did the things he did for Deathstroke has his son. The police arrive to "save Dane," but Dane attempts to blow them up; He succeeds, and dies. Dent tries to capture Batman, but ends up burn. Batman escapes, but injure and Katana takes him home. The media claims that the attack was by Batman, and that he killed Dane. No one knowing that it was Dane all along. Too make matters worst, the biggest bounty has been placed on Batman, the biggest in history. As for Harvey Dent, he is expected to recover. They don't seem to understand why Dane would do it. Barbra finds out and lets Batman and the others know that Dane has not son, and that Dane doesn't exist.
Choices 01x23
When Batman and Katana are ambushed by Killer Croc in the subway, and become trapped in a hole filled with liquid stone that dries quickly. Batman calls Alfred for assistance, but he is too far away to get there in time, and things become worse when he is knocked unconscious by Killer Croc. It soon comes up to Barbara Gordon to save them. There's a few problems: Barbara is on a date! And with two off-duty cops following her, she's stuck in a three-way mess. To make things worse, she has to save them by rerouting the train's routes, but her phone keeps losing service. She saves Batman and Katana without anyone finding out, but Killer Croc comes after her; meanwhile, Alfred regains consciousness and frees Batman and Katana, just in time for them to save Oracle. They defeat Killer Croc, and everyone goes home safe and sound.
Hero 01x22
The episode opens with Batman and Katana chasing after Anarchy, however he leads to them to a trap with the police. Despite his trap, both Batman and Katana defeat the police and escape. Mayor Grange decides to resign as mayor, leading to an election for a new mayor. The media shows that Dent's obsession with the Batman may cost him the election. Through Desperation to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies himself with Anarky, who recruits a new "hero" to take Batman's place: the newest member of the Special Crimes Unit, Deathstroke. Bruce has arranged a date for Katana with Dane, but they are awarded with each other. While Bruce is on a date with Ava. Dane soon has to leave, for Dent needs him, and give Katana a way home. During Bruce's date, man with guns come in wanting jewels, but seeing Bruce among the crowd, they decided they want him. Before Bruce can stop them, a man burst through the window and defeats them. Dent presents the figure as Deathstroke; Batman, Katana, and Alfred attempt to figure out who he is. Katana thinks they go and look for him, but Batman says that he will find them instead. Elsewhere a sale is going down, and Batman and Katana Intervene, so does Deathstroke. Deathstroke wants to arrested him, but Batman replies that they are on the same side. Deathstroke disagrees, for Batman is a hero, and that and Katana are his weaknesses. Deathstroke mentions that he is leverage, and they fight. Deathstroke runs and plant's a bomb where a civilian is working. Batman saves the civilian, while Katana continues the chase after Deathstroke. Deathstroke proves that she is no match for him. Batman catches up, but not before Deathstroke detonates a bomb that injures Katana. Batman brings her to Ava for treatment; Batman wants to move her as soon she Is stable for her being there may endanger the other patients. Ava promises to take care of her, and asks Batman to get who is responsible; which he agrees and thanks her for watching over her. They discover that Deathstroke is a hired mercenary, who will stop at nothing until the job he was hire for is done. Batman thinks it was Dent, but he doesn't have the connections to hire him, so it must be some else who hired him. Batman heads to visit Dent; it shows Dent, Anarchy, and Deathstroke in a meeting, with Dent telling him to be more careful. However, Deathstroke doesn't seem to care, all the matters to him is getting the job done. Dent tells Anarchy to talk some sense into him, but Deathstroke proves that he is not a match for Deathstroke. Dent thinks he will kill him, but instead kidnaps him. Batman finds out that it was Anarchy who hired Deathstroke, but Deathstroke turned on him. Anarchy gives him a choice, fight him or save Dent from Deathstroke; Batman decides save Dent. Dent asks Deathstroke why he betrayed him, when he was the one who hired him along with Anarchy. Deathstroke explains that yes he was hired by him to get rid of Batman, and that I'd nothing more than the bait for Batman. Batman knows he will expect him, so he does something unexpected and asks the media to give him a ride. During the ride, the media asks why he is willing to risk his life to save Dent, despite the fact that he is trying to get rid of him; Batman answers that he is here to save all citizens, no matter how misguided they are. Deathstroke gives Batman two choice: He presses a button and Dent dies, or kill him and save Dent. Either way, Deathstroke believes that it will end Batman being a hero. They fight, as the media watches on. Both realize that neither will concede, so Deathstroke triggers the explosive to kill Dent, and attempts to flee by jumping off, however Batman manages to catch both, and states that none of them will die, but Deathstroke cuts the line holding him, and disappears in the fog below. Despite saving Dent, he still believes that Batman is the bad guy, and that it is his job to uphold the law, but after getting a call from Anarchy, Batman comments on if dealing with criminals is still holding up the law? He then leaves, and heads home. At home Bruce, with Katana and Alfred they watch the news proclaiming him as a hero, however Dent still willing to capture Batman. The mayor race is still on; the media questions Dent involvement, but denies it. As they watch, he thinks about Deathstroke falling to him death. Alfred claims that it wasn't Batman's fault, that Deathstroke chose his fate, Bruce comments that he knows it isn't not Batman's fault.
Unique 01x21
Ava Kirk, an old friend of Bruce Wayne's comes to him for help, when her father, Paul, has been cloned by The Council, a mysterious organization trying to create an army of super soldiers. They find out that his daughter is in Gotham, but so does the mysteries council. While Katana is fighting them off, one of them tries to kidnap the daughter, but Bruce protects her, and decides to bring her to the mansion for safety. She doesn't understand what is happening, but agrees to stay; Bruce tries to get reacquainted. They try to understand the mystery of the men's work relations, and the men that attacked them. They are led to a warehouse full of the attackers, but are disintegrated by another attacker. They find out it was the daughters father, who was a mission, and was known as the Manhunter, but when he got wounded he was left for dead. He was then found by the council, and there his life changed. A scientist took his skills and DNA to build an inorganic army of the Manhunter. When Ava Kirk discovered this, he freed Paul. Her father spent in suspend animation, while they were creating the army, that is why is young. The soldiers break into the mansion and kid napped Paul's daughter, leaving Alfred. Paul and Ava thought it was best to contact Bruce in hopes on protecting his daughter, and once she was safe, then Paul could worry about the soldiers. Batman apologizes for the misunderstanding; a soldier appears, Paul explains that they are controlled through a neuron network. It tells Paul that he has his daughter and if he ever wants to see her again he will come alone to the Gotham bridge. Batman offers to help, and the Manhunter excepts, but Batman knocks him out in order to bring him to the cave, since it is a secret. After making more of the ant-army-toxin, they head out to stop the army and save Paul's daughter. They stop the army, but with Ava's life threat, Paul surrenders himself. However, it turns out that he has a clone which they hack into. Paul tells him that he and the council are done using him. With Ava safe and the man in jail, her father comes to save good-bye, for he must leave to make sure that there is only "one Paul." The Manhunter asks Batman to watch over her while he is gone, which he agrees.
Doppelganger 01x20
Katana is fighting Mr. Pig and Mr. Toad without Batman (who's at home sleeping/ healing), but fails and they escape. Batman is having nightmares of his close encounter with Killer Croc. Alfred considers that it is perhaps time for Bruce/ Batman to take a break, perhaps see friends. Bruce tells him that he had one friend, Alfred, and he walked away from him. Alfred claims that Bruce was not the reason he left; Bruce asks if they were really going to discuss it, Alfred states that he came back when Bruce needed him, and he will tell him where he was and why when it is the right time. For he is far more concern with Bruce/Batman than himself. Bruce tells him that he is afraid for what will happen if he puts the suit on, for he almost killed Killer Croc in that fight back at the prison. Alfred says to perhaps let Katana look after Gotham for awhile, while he takes time to recuperate. Meanwhile, in order to keep his enemies closer, Bruce Wayne befriends Harvey Dent and the captain of the SCU, Dane Lisslow, with whom he makes a strong connection. At dinner with them, he learns Dent is trying to win his support in helping him become mayor, but Bruce is unsure, for Dent would then stop at nothing to bring Batman to "justice." Bruce doesn't seem to connect with Dent, but with his friend Dane. Martial Arts seems to be the key that they have in common. Elsewhere, Katana is training Barbra to defend herself; who gives herself the name, "oracle." Finally he tells Dent to send his proposal, but their meeting is cut shut when Bruce sees what looks to be a flying bat creature. He chases after it, confronts it, but it gets away. Bruce tells Katana and Alfred, but they don't seem to believe him. Except that the last few knights there have been break-ins at chemical facilities; the same as what Professior Pig and Toad were breaking into. Bruce thinks it's time for Batman to get back in game, Alfred disagrees considering his condition, but Bruce doesn't care. They find that it's only animal sequence DNA chemicals that are being stolen. At one of the facilities, Batman and Katana soon encounter Man-Bat creature, after a chase, Batman brings it to the ground, Professor Pig and Mr. Toad arrive and they escape, but not until a confertation with the police. Back at the cave, they learn from Man-Bat he was an experimental result of animal army of mutant humans, and so Toad can get a wife. Batman asks if he can lead them to pig and toad, and he answers that he can, but it may be too late, for they have what they need. At their hideout, they are just about to begin; they get there in time to stop them before they can inject any more people. While Batman is fighting with Pig, Toad goes after them, but is to late for Katana and Man-bat get the hostages to safety. However, Toad gets Man-Bat under is control and captures Katana, planning to her into his future bride. Batman defeats Pig, but a control Man-bat starts fighting him. It doesn't take long for him to break Man-bat from Toads control. During that time, Pig and Toad are trying to turn Katana into an animal, but Batman intervenes. They are sent to prison; Batman tells Man-bat to look for a cure, but he is scared since he is not human. Batman tells him that what's on the outside doesn't matter, it matter what's on the inside. Man-bat asks how he will find him if he needs help, Batman replies that they will find him. At the mansion, Bruce is sparring with Dane, and agrees to support Dent to keep an eye on him.Note: Barbara Gordon takes the codename "Oracle" after she helps Katana.
Animal 01x19
A master thief known as The Key has stolen the most valuable piece of code-breaking software in the world. Batman and Katana try to retrieve the software from him, but he is arrested before they can catch him, by Harvey Dent. The Key is sent to jail, despite Batman's warnings that sending him to prison with the code is a bad idea, for Dent's new Anti-Vigilant Force is looking at him in a bad light. With Key at Blackgate Penitentiary, Batman tricks Katana into thinking he is going to bed, so he can find a way into Blackgate. When Katana decides to sleep as well, Batman has himself arrested and sent to prison to recover the dangerous software. There, Dent and the police try to remove his mask. However, a high pitched frequency is emitted. They plead for him to stop it, and he complies. Dent decides to let him keep it on, for with his costume, the other prisoners are more than likely to try to kill him. Gordon soon finds out that Dent has arrested Batman, and takes action by announcing that he will barge in with non-lethal force. With the mayor supporting Dent, however, he is forced to stand down. Unfortunately, the Key has been taken hostage by the prison's "king", Killer Croc. After freeing himself from handcuffs, Batman now must now fight his way through Blackgate's entire prisoner population, while Katana works with Commissioner Gordon and Oracle a.k.a. Barbra Gordon to save him. In order to get the "Key," Batman has to fight Killer Croc and his friends for it. Outside, Oracle helps Katana get into the prison through several underground tunnels. As Batman fights, a newly arrived Tobias Whale gives him tips on his opponents, allowing him the advantage to defeat Killer Crocs fellow inmates. Gordon pressures Dent to take action by threatening to go to the media, telling them that it's Dent's fault that they aren't doing anything. As Batman continues fighting Croc, he notices a skin rash, and uses it to his advantage to overpower Killer Croc. Unfortunately his breakdown finally gets the best of him, as he beats Croc senseless, severely damaging his body. Quickly, Katana arrives and halts Batman from mindlessly killing Croc. After cooling down, Batman tells Key to cooperate or he's next. Nearly scared to death, he agrees. Some of the prisoners want to still fight Batman, but before they can, the police arrive, and the two leave. Gordon tells Batman and Katana that everyone is unharmed, the prisoners are being reprocessed, and the Key wouldn't be a problem anymore. Gordon says that he thinks Batman scared Key, also commenting that Batman should see a doctor. He denies it and walks away. Katana then explains to him she knows what he needs, and follows him home. Meanwhile, Killer Croc has escaped into the sewers, plotting his next move against Batman. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce is badly hurt from his encounter, and as he lays in bed, Alfred returns home to look after him.Note: Penguin is referenced by Harvey Dent and is seen on a wanted poster.
Games 01x18
Batman, Katana, Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Grange, and Tobias Whale all wake up after being drugged and kidnapped by Humpty Dumpty. According to Dumpler, there is a culprit among them and the only way to escape his Murder Mystery Game is to figure out who. With each clue, however, the game becomes deadlier and begins to take its toll on Batman who's obsessed with solving the mystery and defeating Dumpty. While trying to figure out one for the clues, Katana questions Batman priorities. It soon becomes clear that all of them had a part to play in the ruining the life of an innocent man, name Ernie: Whale for smuggling and letting him take the fall, Batman for giving the tip on the shipment, Gordon for the arrest, Grange for sentencing him to prison meant, and Katana for getting the weapons, including Dumpty, who stood by and did nothing. Dumpty has brought the man who all of them are responsible for ruining his life, and give him the chance at revenge, but he refuses. Dumpy tries to destroy them, but Batman states that he is as guilty as they are. In the end, Ernie is set free, while Humpty and Whale are arrested. Gordon lets Batman and Katana go. Batman lets Katana go for awhile for questioning him.
Monsters 01x17
A mystery being known as the "Golem of Old Gotham," starts stopping crime from armored men. Both Katana and the police suspect it to be Batman, but he tells Katana that he isn't. While in patrol they find the Golem and begin chasing him, however it is in the area where Batman parents were murdered and begins to have flashes of the event. Katana asks what's wrong, but Batman says that nothing is wrong. After a lengthy chase, they are forced to stop when the police get involved, for Batman doesn't want a confertation with the police, at least not yet; instead they go back to take a look at the armor the men were wearing. Soon, Batman and Katana team up with Rex Mason (who has been classified as the "Golem of Old Gotham") as they combat an army of armored thugs that have been terrorizing several parts of Old Gotham after they were supplied the high-tech armors from Stagg Enterprises. In addition, they also dodge Harvey Dent's newly created Special Crimes Unit, which has been ordered to take down both the armored criminals and the vigilantes fighting them. After the fail attempt capture the vigilantes, Dent is approached by Anarchy to help bring down Batman. Batman figures it out that it was Sapphire who give armor to the thugs. Batman warns her that she does not want be his enemy; she asks if the man she saw was Rex, but he denies that it was him.Note: At the end of the episode, Rex ends up taking the codename "Metamorpho" and alludes to the future emergence of the Outsiders.

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