An all-new animated series follows 16-year-old Ben Tennyson as his secret identity has been revealed to the world and he's now an international mega-star super hero, loved by kids the world over but distrusted by many adults. Armed with a mysterious new Omnitrix, Ben will see action in places he's never been. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Ultimate Enemy (2) 02x32
After defeating Vilgax, Ben battles Dagon in his True Form as Ultimate Way Big.
The Ultimate Enemy (1) 02x31
Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and George trash Diagon's City while battling a reborn, Lucubra-morphed, power hungry Vilgax. Diagon is released and plans to become ruler of Ben's Universe.
The Beginning of the End 02x30
The final battle between the Forever Knights and Dagon's Esoterica is in full swing, with Ben caught in the middle.
Night of the Living Nightmare 02x29
Albedo attempts to get even with Ben, by trapping him in a dream version of Bellwood, and dispatching an assortment of villains, as well as versions of Gwen and Kevin desiring the Ultimatrix, to attempt to defeat him.
The Eggman Cometh 02x28
Dr. Animo returns with a plot to transform eggs into pterodactyls.
Catch a Falling Star 02x27
Movie starlet Jennifer Nocturne is recaptured by the evil Captain Nemesis!
Couples Retreat 02x26
Charmcaster and Darkstar team up to destroy Ben, Gwen and Kevin.
The Enemy of My Frenemy 02x25
Gwenand the gang revisit Legerdomain in hopes of rescuing Charmcaster.
Inspector #13 02x24
A Techadon weapon master comes to Earth and wants the Ultimatrix.
Solitary Alignment 02x23
Azmuth reveals the origin of the sword and how he first encountered Old George. Ben comes to a decision on how to handle the Daigon.

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