In order to Beat Bobby Flay, you have to get to him first. This new series is the ultimate throwdown-showdown... . Three culinary masters, each with their own signature dish, a dish that they'd stake their reputations on, travel to New York for the chance to challenge Bobby Flay to a head-to-head cook-off of their specialty. But first, these contenders must battle it out to see who has the culinary prowess to ultimately go one-on-one against Bobby on his own turf. Add to my shows

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Summer Lovin' 2020x23
The summer heat wave takes hold of the kitchen, and Chef Carla Hall tries to beat the heat with TV announcer Steve Higgins. They recruit red-hot chefs Kathy Sidell and Vinson Petrillo to light a fire under Bobby Flay and take him out.

season 6

Roasting on an Open Fire 06x10
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and magician Penn Jillette set their sights on a Christmas miracle, beating Bobby Flay; Moroccan French chef Adil Fawzi and New Jersey chef Ariane Duarte faceoff.
Hook, Line and Sinker 06x09
Hotel chef Roy Breiman and restaurant chef Vaughn Crenshadw go head-to-head; Scott Conant and Today Show co-host Willie Geist cast their lines for the best chef to take him down.
Let's Talk Turkey 06x08
Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian conspire to squash Bobby Flay; Emmy-nominated Rhode Island chef Nick Rabar goes head-to-head with all-American New York chef Jeff Haskel.
She's a Lady 06x07
Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli bet that either Spanish-language cooking show host, Chef Giovanna Huyke or caterer Jennifer Bajsel will have what it takes to bring own Bobby.
It's a Family Secret 06x06
Experienced New York chef Ric Orlando battles self-taught chef Kiran Verma from Houston; Anne Burrell and Spike Mendelsohn bring their culinary expertise to the arena in an effort to get Bobby beat.
Trick or Sweet 06x05
Back with a Vengeance 06x04
Geoffery Zakarian and Daphne Oz cheer on returning contestants, Dallas caterer Tre Wilcox and Kentucky chef Anthony Lamas.
Frenemies 06x03
Michael Symon and Debi Mazar have brought back Ukrainian-born chef Natasha Pogrebinsky and talented chef Michael Jenkins, for another shot at Bobby Flay.
Settling the Score 06x02
Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro are on hand to support returning contenders Bruce Kalman and Jordan Andino in their bid to take down Bobby Flay.
Unfinished Business 06x01
Scott Conant and Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott welcome back two contenders, Texan Blythe Beck and New Yorker Angelo Sosa, to battle for the chance to go head-to-head with Bobby Flay again.

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