In order to Beat Bobby Flay, you have to get to him first. This new series is the ultimate throwdown-showdown... . Three culinary masters, each with their own signature dish, a dish that they'd stake their reputations on, travel to New York for the chance to challenge Bobby Flay to a head-to-head cook-off of their specialty. But first, these contenders must battle it out to see who has the culinary prowess to ultimately go one-on-one against Bobby on his own turf. Add to my shows

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It Must've Been Love 22x10
Proving that couples can be competitive, Chef Ricardo Castro and his wife, Chef Rosana Rivera, challenge each other for a chance to beat Bobby Flay. Love is in the air as they're joined by Food Network's Jet Tila and his wife, Ali, but there's no love for Bobby.

season 4

Getting Grilled 04x13
Chef Dominic Zumpano, takes on chef Angelo Sosa, in a grilling battle; Debi Mazar, and Michael Symon make the call on who has the chops to rake Bobby over the coals.
Humble Beginnings 04x12
Musician and chef Eugene Jones and up-and-coming chef Christopher Wall enter a culinary skirmish for the chance to take down the legend, Bobby Flay; with simon Majumdar and Sunny Anderson.
Homeland 04x11
Vietnamese-born Thoa Nguyen does battle with high-end chef Jason Hippen; chefs Anne Burrell and Scott Conant decide who has the cuisine to reign supreme.
Any Given Sunday 04x10
Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Chris Santos have a single objective, make Mom proud; seasoned vet Kathy Cary squares off with acclaimed chef Shanna O'Hea.
Out on a Limb 04x09
Tamron Hall and Ted Allen have Bobby in their sights; whiz kid Katherine Humphus gets into a culinary slugfest with the no-nonsense John Wassil.
East Coast's Finest 04x08
Chefs Curtis Stone and Michael Symon team up to rattle Bobby; Rhode Island's Chef Antonio Franco goes head-to-head against New York Chef Luke Venner for the chance to take on Bobby Flay.
Best Laid Plans 04x07
Katie Lee and Simon Majumdar have their sights set on victory as Southerner Keri Moser faces off against New Englander Clark Frasier for the chance to go up against Bobby Flay.
No Training Wheels 04x06
Actor and chef David Burtka teams up with Alex Guarnaschelli to beat Bobby Flay; self-taught chefs Johnny Zone and Jumoke Jackson battle for the right to dethrone Bobby.
Raising the Bar 04x05
Alison Sweeney and Sunny Anderson set their sights on Bobby; young gun Kelvin Fernandez takes on Japanese superstar Chris Kobayashi, with both vying for a shot at taking down Bobby Flay.
Culinary Validation 04x04
Puerto Rican chef Jose Adorno battles Italian chef Adam Halberg; news anchor Natalie Morales and Chopped judge Scott Conant revel in making Bobby sweat.
To Contend and Serve! 04x03
Naval chef Carla Harris brings her grit against seriously competitive chef Noah Schwartz; Anne Burrell and Geoffrey Zakarian use their expertise to determine who has the arsenal to beat Bobby.
Fire in the Hole! 04x02
Brooklyn-born chef Jen Biesty takes on self-taught chef Chris Lamphier; Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli turn up the presssure.
Foreign Relations 04x01
Giada De Laurentiis and Michael Symon team up once again to take down their friend Bobby Flay; global chef David deCastro and Japanese-born chef Taichi Kitamura battle for a chance to take on the champion in his house.

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