season 1

Air date Episode Title
04.03.2014 01x01 Welcome to New York!
07.03.2014 01x02 Farmer and the Belle
14.03.2014 01x03 Old Dog, New Tricks
21.03.2014 01x04 Fighting Irish
28.03.2014 01x05 Beauty and the Feast
04.04.2014 01x06 Eat, Flay, Love
11.04.2014 01x07 Up in Smoke!
18.04.2014 01x08 Old School, New School

season 2

Air date Episode Title
01.08.2014 02x01 They Must Be Giants
08.08.2014 02x02 East vs. West
15.08.2014 02x03 Bring Home the Bacon
22.08.2014 02x04 Battle of Brooklyn
29.08.2014 02x05 Out of the Pan and Into the Fire
05.09.2014 02x06 Ladies First
12.09.2014 02x07 Risky Business
19.09.2014 02x08 Smile Now, Cry Later
26.09.2014 02x09 Ruling with an Iron Fist
03.10.2014 02x10 Against All Odds
10.10.2014 02x11 Sun Up to Show Down
17.10.2014 02x12 Only in New York
24.10.2014 02x13 Orange Is the New Beat

season 3

Air date Episode Title
31.10.2014 03x01 An International Affair
07.11.2014 03x02 Surf and Turf
14.11.2014 03x03 Gobbled Up
21.11.2014 03x04 Shaken, Not Stirred
05.12.2014 03x05 By Land or By Sea
12.12.2014 03x06 Bells Will Be Ringing
19.12.2014 03x07 Heat in the Street
26.12.2014 03x08 Roll the Dice
02.01.2015 03x09 Pot Calling the Kettle Beat
09.01.2015 03x10 New Kids on the Butcher Block
16.01.2015 03x11 Clash of the Culinary Titans
30.01.2015 03x12 Defend the House
06.02.2015 03x13 Fry Me a River

season 4

Air date Episode Title
06.03.2015 04x01 Foreign Relations
13.03.2015 04x02 Fire in the Hole!
20.03.2015 04x03 To Contend and Serve!
27.03.2015 04x04 Culinary Validation
03.04.2015 04x05 Raising the Bar
10.04.2015 04x06 No Training Wheels
17.04.2015 04x07 Best Laid Plans
24.04.2015 04x08 East Coast's Finest
01.05.2015 04x09 Out on a Limb
08.05.2015 04x10 Any Given Sunday
15.05.2015 04x11 Homeland
22.05.2015 04x12 Humble Beginnings
29.05.2015 04x13 Getting Grilled

season 5

Air date Episode Title
05.06.2015 05x01 No Fear
12.06.2015 05x02 Who's Your Daddy?
19.06.2015 05x03 No Formalities
26.06.2015 05x04 Mavericks
03.07.2015 05x05 Stars and Stripes
10.07.2015 05x06 Rollin' Deep
17.07.2015 05x07 Worst-case Scenario
24.07.2015 05x08 Rise to the Occasion
31.07.2015 05x09 Do or Die
07.08.2015 05x10 The Heat Is On
14.08.2015 05x11 Sticking to Your Guns
21.08.2015 05x12 Arrivals and Departures
28.08.2015 05x13 Culinary Tornado
09.10.2015 05x15 Settling The Score
16.10.2015 05x16 Frenemies
23.10.2015 05x17 Back With A Vengeance
27.10.2015 05x18 Trick Or Sweet

season 6

Air date Episode Title
02.10.2015 06x01 Unfinished Business
09.10.2015 06x02 Settling the Score
16.10.2015 06x03 Frenemies
23.10.2015 06x04 Back with a Vengeance
27.10.2015 06x05 Trick or Sweet
06.11.2015 06x06 It's a Family Secret
13.11.2015 06x07 She's a Lady
20.11.2015 06x08 Let's Talk Turkey
04.12.2015 06x09 Hook, Line and Sinker
11.12.2015 06x10 Roasting on an Open Fire

season 7

Air date Episode Title
18.12.2015 07x01 Poking and Prodding
08.01.2016 07x02 Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
15.01.2016 07x03 Live from the Food Carpet
22.01.2016 07x04 Strike While the Iron's Hot
29.01.2016 07x05 A Cut Above
05.02.2016 07x06 Touchdown!
12.02.2016 07x07 Sweet and Spicy
19.02.2016 07x08 A Feather in Your Cap
26.02.2016 07x09 The Boys Are Back
04.03.2016 07x10 Always Expect the Unexpected
25.03.2016 07x12 Pie in the Sky
01.04.2016 07x13 Time to Get Schooled
08.04.2016 07x14 Something Sweet
15.04.2016 07x15 Have Merci!
22.04.2016 07x16 Just Act Natural

season 8

Air date Episode Title
18.03.2016 08x01 Turning the Tables
25.03.2016 08x02 Pie in the Sky
01.04.2016 08x03 Time to Get Schooled
08.04.2016 08x04 Something Sweet
15.04.2016 08x05 Have Merci!
22.04.2016 08x06 Just Act Natural
29.04.2016 08x07 Riding the Wave
06.05.2016 08x08 Fully Baked
13.05.2016 08x09 Hall of Shame
20.05.2016 08x10 Star Power
27.05.2016 08x11 Ring of Fire
03.06.2016 08x12 Fingerlings Crossed!
06.06.2016 08x13 A Little Bit Country
17.06.2016 08x14 Fancy Meeting You Here
24.06.2016 08x15 Breaking Food News
01.07.2016 08x16 Red, White And Bbq

season 9

Air date Episode Title
13.06.2016 09x01 Fancy Meeting You Here
20.06.2016 09x02 Breaking Food News
27.06.2016 09x03 Red, White and BBQ
08.07.2016 09x04 Green with Envy
15.07.2016 09x05 Dancing with the Devil
22.07.2016 09x06 Ladies Night
29.07.2016 09x07 Stop, Drop and Roll
05.08.2016 09x08 So Many Obstacles
12.08.2016 09x09 Who's Got This in the Bag?
19.08.2016 09x10 Age Is Just a Number
26.08.2016 09x11 Get in the Zone
02.09.2016 09x12 Bobby's DMV Appointment
09.09.2016 09x13 Dark Horses Still Kick
23.09.2016 09x14 Comforts Of Home
30.09.2016 09x15 Shore Fire Strategy
07.10.2016 09x16 Howdy Halloween
14.10.2016 09x17 Bobby-bing Bobby-boom!
21.10.2016 09x18 Che-sing Glory
28.10.2016 09x19 Hold On For One More Flay

season 10

Air date Episode Title
23.09.2016 10x01 Comforts of Home
30.09.2016 10x02 Shore Fire Strategy
07.10.2016 10x03 Howdy Halloween
14.10.2016 10x04 Bobby-bing Bobby-boom!
21.10.2016 10x05 Che-sing Glory
28.10.2016 10x06 Hold on for One More Flay
04.11.2016 10x07 Surprise Surprise!
11.11.2016 10x08 Country Boys in the Big City
18.11.2016 10x09 Thanks But No Thanksgiving
02.12.2016 10x10 You've Got to Be Kidding Me!
09.12.2016 10x11 Back to School
16.12.2016 10x12 Whiz Kids
23.12.2016 10x13 Like Father, Like Daughter
06.01.2017 10x14 All At Stake
13.01.2017 10x15 Better Late Than Never
20.01.2017 10x16 Bro-down Showdown
27.01.2017 10x17 Too Biggs To Fail
03.02.2017 10x18 The Grid Iron Chef
10.02.2017 10x19 She Loves Me...not
17.02.2017 10x20 You Won't Like Him When He's Angry
24.02.2017 10x21 Roll With The Punches

season 11

Air date Episode Title
06.01.2017 11x01 All at Stake
13.01.2017 11x02 Better Late Than Never
20.01.2017 11x03 Bro-down Showdown
27.01.2017 11x04 Too Biggs to Fail
03.02.2017 11x05 The Grid Iron Chef
10.02.2017 11x06 She Loves Me...Not
17.02.2017 11x07 You Won't Like Him When He's Angry
24.02.2017 11x08 Roll with the Punches
03.03.2017 11x09 Steak Me Home Tonight
10.03.2017 11x10 Sweet But Sour
17.03.2017 11x11 Thrown from the Throne
24.03.2017 11x12 I Thought We Were Friends!
31.03.2017 11x13 Both Sides of the Coin
07.04.2017 11x14 How to Beat Bobby
14.04.2017 11x15 Iron Chef Redemption
21.04.2017 11x16 Mazel Tov!
05.05.2017 11x17 Challah At Your Boy!
12.05.2017 11x18 Tame The Flame
19.05.2017 11x19 Inside Scoop
26.05.2017 11x20 Open Grill Season

season 12

Air date Episode Title
14.04.2017 12x01 Iron Chef Redemption
21.04.2017 12x02 Mazel Tov!
05.05.2017 12x03 Challah at Your Boy!
12.05.2017 12x04 Tame the Flame
19.05.2017 12x05 Inside Scoop
26.05.2017 12x06 Open Grill Season
02.06.2017 12x07 Friends in All Places
09.06.2017 12x08 The Next Food Network Star Is…
16.06.2017 12x09 Deja Flay
23.06.2017 12x10 BBF vs. Chopped
30.06.2017 12x11 Ghosts of Bobby's Past
07.07.2017 12x12 Salty and Sweet
14.07.2017 12x13 Record Breaking
21.07.2017 12x14 Sugar And Spice, But Not So Nice
28.07.2017 12x15 Fancy Vs. Rustic

season 13

Air date Episode Title
21.07.2017 13x01 Sugar And Spice, But Not So Nice
28.07.2017 13x02 Fancy vs. Rustic
04.08.2017 13x03 Bear-ware
11.08.2017 13x04 Green, White and Red
18.08.2017 13x05 Chop Chop
25.08.2017 13x06 Familiar Names and Faces
01.09.2017 13x07 International Showdown
08.09.2017 13x08 Feathered and Fried
15.09.2017 13x09 Pulling Out All the Stops
22.09.2017 13x10 Number One Baby
29.09.2017 13x11 Drop the Knife
06.10.2017 13x12 Boil and Trouble
13.10.2017 13x13 We're All Family Here
20.10.2017 13x14 Feeling Bleu
27.10.2017 13x15 Take a Bao
03.11.2017 13x16 Ain't That Dandy
10.11.2017 13x17 The Iron Age
17.11.2017 13x18 Turkey's Done
24.11.2017 13x19 Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
01.12.2017 13x20 Rotten Tomatoes for Bobby
08.12.2017 13x21 Holidays are for Battle
15.12.2017 13x22 Cracking a Win
22.12.2017 13x23 Big Dog On The Block
29.12.2017 13x24 Windy City Wants More

season 14

Air date Episode Title
20.10.2017 14x01 Feeling Bleu
27.10.2017 14x02 Take a Bao
03.11.2017 14x03 Ain't That Dandy
10.11.2017 14x04 The Iron Age
17.11.2017 14x05 Turkey's Done
24.11.2017 14x06 Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
01.12.2017 14x07 Rotten Tomatoes for Bobby
08.12.2017 14x08 Holidays Are for Battle
15.12.2017 14x09 Cracking a Win
22.12.2017 14x10 Big Dog on the Block
29.12.2017 14x11 Windy City Wants More
05.01.2018 14x12 Who Done It?
12.01.2018 14x13 Clamming Up

season 15

Air date Episode Title
19.01.2018 15x01 Midwest Swing
26.01.2018 15x02 Peeling Away
02.02.2018 15x03 Bobby Gets Sacked
09.02.2018 15x04 Broken Hearts
16.02.2018 15x05 Going Loco
23.02.2018 15x06 Sour with the Sweet
02.03.2018 15x07 Stuffed and Fried
09.03.2018 15x08 At It Again
16.03.2018 15x09 Surf's Up
23.03.2018 15x10 Revenge Is Best Served Bold
30.03.2018 15x11 Ladies Don't Play
06.04.2018 15x12 Not a Speck
13.04.2018 15x13 Getting Crabby
20.04.2018 15x14 Red Hot
27.04.2018 15x15 Worldly Ways

season 16

Air date Episode Title
20.04.2018 16x01 Red Hot
27.04.2018 16x02 Worldly Ways
04.05.2018 16x03 Sticky Situation
11.05.2018 16x04 Sprung a Leek
18.05.2018 16x05 Stealing the Spotlight
25.05.2018 16x06 Grill Me
01.06.2018 16x07 Eye of the Tiger
08.06.2018 16x08 Food Star Face Off
15.06.2018 16x09 Beauty and the Beast
22.06.2018 16x10 Skirting By
29.06.2018 16x11 Blast from the Past
06.07.2018 16x12 Hit Him Again
13.07.2018 16x13 Judges as Contenders
20.07.2018 16x14 Waltz Up a Win
27.07.2018 16x15 Culinary Knockout
30.07.2018 16x16 Flying Aubergines
03.08.2018 16x17 Fields of Greens
06.08.2018 16x18 Winning in My Dreams
10.08.2018 16x19 Never Give Up
17.08.2018 16x20 Chocolate Victory
24.08.2018 16x21 Joke's on Bobby
31.08.2018 16x22 Fit to Flay
07.09.2018 16x23 Skating By
14.09.2018 16x24 Feel the Judgment
21.09.2018 16x25 Chop of the Mornin' To Ya
28.09.2018 16x26 Shucking the Competition

season 17

Air date Episode Title
20.07.2018 17x01 Waltz Up a Win
27.07.2018 17x02 Culinary Knockout
30.07.2018 17x03 Flying Aubergines
03.08.2018 17x04 Fields of Greens
06.08.2018 17x05 Winning in My Dreams
10.08.2018 17x06 Never Give Up
17.08.2018 17x07 Chocolate Victory
24.08.2018 17x08 Joke's on Bobby
31.08.2018 17x09 Fit to Flay
07.09.2018 17x10 Skating By
14.09.2018 17x11 Feel the Judgment
21.09.2018 17x12 Chop of the Mornin' To Ya
28.09.2018 17x13 Shucking the Competition

season 18

Air date Episode Title
05.10.2018 18x01 Fright Club
12.10.2018 18x02 Aged to Perfection
19.10.2018 18x03 Family Matters
26.10.2018 18x04 Knighted Sir Loin
02.11.2018 18x05 Baked To Perfection
09.11.2018 18x06 Drop The Mic
16.11.2018 18x07 Stuffed With Victory
23.11.2018 18x08 Say Cheese!
30.11.2018 18x09 Cream Of The Crop
07.12.2018 18x10 Wrapping Up Victory
14.12.2018 18x11 Oh Brother
21.12.2018 18x12 Sweet, Sweet Revenge!
28.12.2018 18x13 Heavy Lifting
28.12.2018 18x14 Sprouting Victory
11.01.2019 18x15 Take Him To Fresno
18.01.2019 18x16 Getting Nutty
25.01.2019 18x17 Don't Drop The Beat !
01.02.2019 18x18 Game On

season 19

Air date Episode Title
28.12.2018 19x01 Sprouting Victory
11.01.2019 19x02 Heavy Lifting
25.01.2019 19x03 Take Him to Fresno
01.02.2019 19x04 Game On
04.02.2019 19x05 Old Friends
08.02.2019 19x06 Getting Nutty
15.02.2019 19x07 Choc-o-love
22.02.2019 19x08 Dont Drop the Beat (Bobby)!
01.03.2019 19x09 Off To The Races
08.03.2019 19x10 Don't Sour Out
15.03.2019 19x11 Mince Meat
22.03.2019 19x12 Greeking Out
29.03.2019 19x13 A Marital Match
05.04.2019 19x14 Nutty Times
12.04.2019 19x15 Against The Grain
19.04.2019 19x16 They Took The Cheese
26.04.2019 19x17 Tropical Punch
03.05.2019 19x18 Pump It Up
10.05.2019 19x19 Something's Fishy
17.05.2019 19x20 Grapes Of Wrath
24.05.2019 19x21 Flame-tastic!
31.05.2019 19x22 Making Headlines

season 20

Air date Episode Title
12.04.2019 20x01 Against the Grain
19.04.2019 20x02 They Took the Cheese
26.04.2019 20x03 A Tropical Punch
03.05.2019 20x04 Pump It Up
06.05.2019 20x05 Something's Fishy
10.05.2019 20x06 Grapes of Wrath
17.05.2019 20x07 Making Headlines
24.05.2019 20x08 Flame-tastic!
31.05.2019 20x09 Bye Bye Birdie
07.06.2019 20x10 Give Me Some Mo!
14.06.2019 20x11 Grind It Out!
21.06.2019 20x12 Chi-Town Throws Down
21.06.2019 20x13 Double Trouble
05.07.2019 20x14 A Taste Of Summer
12.07.2019 20x15 Use Your Noodle
19.07.2019 20x16 Snaked Out
26.07.2019 20x17 Seeing Stars

season 21

Air date Episode Title
28.06.2019 21x01 Use Your Noodle
05.07.2019 21x02 A Taste of Summer
12.07.2019 21x03 Snaked Out
19.07.2019 21x04 Seeing Stars
26.07.2019 21x05 It's a Date
02.08.2019 21x06 Finding Stars
09.08.2019 21x07 Clear the Deck
16.08.2019 21x08 Break A Plate!
23.08.2019 21x09 Funny or Fried
30.08.2019 21x10 A Proper Smackdown
06.09.2019 21x11 A Pioneering Ordeal
13.09.2019 21x12 It's Gonna Be A Late Night
20.09.2019 21x13 All In The Family
27.09.2019 21x14 It's Gonna Be Jarring

season 22

Air date Episode Title
30.08.2019 22x01 A Proper Smackdown
06.09.2019 22x02 A Pioneering Ordeal
13.09.2019 22x03 It's Gonna Be A Late Night
20.09.2019 22x04 All In The Family
27.09.2019 22x05 It's Gonna Be Jarring
27.09.2019 22x06 Bobby vs. Food
04.10.2019 22x07 Fey vs. Flay
friday 22x08 They Had Style, They Had Food, They Were There!
today 22x09 Keeping It Real
friday 22x10 It Must've Been Love
08.11.2019 22x11 That's Amore
15.11.2019 22x12 Gobble Till You Wobble
22.11.2019 22x13 America's Funniest Food Show

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