This long-running series follows the adventures of a team of lifeguards on the crowded beaches of Los Angeles County. Veteran lifeguard Mitch Buchannon watches over the younger lifeguards that come and go with each passing season as they keep the beaches safe for vacationers. Frequently he must take action to save them from the raging seas and from the raging tempers that sometimes flare up between the young guards in this stressful job. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Rescue Me 11x22
The final episode of the series. Leigh is getting married as Sean contemplates a job offer from Australia with their lifeguards. He's also still dealing with his feelings for Leigh as he tries to choose between the two.
Makapu'u Lighthouse 11x21
Sean turns down a free week at the Hilton Hawaiian Village after saving a local TV celebrity, so Zack goes in his place.
Dead Reckoning 11x20
Sean, Jason and Zack participate in a natural obstacle course.
Trapped 11x19
Sean and Leigh are held captive by the head of a local company that's using toxic chemicals to create a man-made reef. Zack accidentally breaks a friend's paddle and tries to replace it.
The Return of Jessie 11x18
Jessie returns to Baywatch Hawaii with news that she's entered to race in the Ironman Triathlon. Making things worse is the fact that she discovers that JD and Kekoa are seeing each other and complicating the fact that she wants to get back together with him.
Boiling Point 11x17
Jason, J.D., Kekoa and Zack are sent to Kauai to go on a trip with Britt, the daughter of one of Baywatch's sponsors. In the meantime, Sean and Brian make a rescue of Matt, a boy all new to windsurfing. Afterwards, the brand new computer system at HQ breaks down. Sean was supposed to show this system to the sponsor coming over that day, so he's pretty stressed out. Matt shows up later on and offers his help to fix the computers, and he's able to do so right before the sponsor shows up. In Kauai, J.D. and Kekoa are bickering about a watch J.D. got from Jessie. They decide to stand by at the low-land to sort out their problems while Jason and Zack leads Britt away. They're both arguing for Britt's attention.
My Father the Hero 11x16
Sean and Jenna save a man who got his head smashed against some rocks while surfing. A friend of the victim starts a romantic flirtation with Jenna. He is working with finance, and Jenna wants him to help her with some investments. In the meantime, Jason and J.D. spends some time with Derek, a childhood friend of J.D. They soon find out that he has got a lot of personal troubles, and that he's going to put J.D. in a life threatening situation. Later on, Jenna gets drugged by her new romance. He's trying to run off with her money, and Jenna contacts Sean for backup.
A Good Man in a Storm 11x15
There's a hurricane coming, and the lifeguards at the Baywatch headquarters are all preparing for the worst. In the middle of this mess, Jenna sends a false rescue to Sean because she needs a ride back to HQ. This puts them both in a dangerous situation as the storm is approaching when they're far away from the other lifeguards. They accidentally crash their Scarab and find shelter in an old military bunker. A tree falls over the entrance making it impossible for them to get out, and later on it's starting to leak water into the small bunker. Sean manages to find a drain, but the water is not draining at the same speed it's flowing in. They both realize that they're going to drown in there, and share a lot of personal experience with each other. At HQ, Zack is all alone with his music and Jason's donuts. All of a sudden, a tourist approaches. He later finds out that she's a freelance journalist named Ivy, searching for some big news to get on television. She is so desperate that she's going to put them both in danger.
Father Faust 11x14
Kekoa's father visits her beach. During his visit, he's saved by a junior lifeguard. During the same time, another vacationer complains to Sean that his gold watch has been stolen. As these two incidents merge, Sean is served with two lawsuits and restricted from having any contact with the beaches or the lifeguards. In the aftermath, Kekoa's father, who filed one of the lawsuits, suffers a severe stroke after Kekoa confronts him about going after the center just to break up her marriage to J.D.
The Stalker 11x13
Carrie, one of the rookies who was made a permanent member of Baywatch Hawaii, helps rescue a pair of scuba divers. After the rescue, one of the divers becomes infatuated with Carrie and begins stalking her. Sean becomes suspicious of this stranger and it quickly becomes apparent as he begins showing up everywhere Carrie is. After Sean, Jason and Zack saves Carrie from the stalker, she realizes that she's no longer safe and that she's not cut out to be a lifeguard. The incident has left her shaken up as she leaves Baywatch Hawaii for good.

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