Bar Rescue follows Jon Taffer, one of the country's top restaurant and bar consultants, will give failing establishments one last chance to succeed. The show will delve into every business facet of running a bar from creating a profitable drink/food menu to crowd management to music selection to managing disgruntled employees. This marks the first food/beverage-themed show for Spike TV, furthering its effort to expand and broaden its audience. Add to my shows

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Pole Without A Purpose 06x07

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Back To The Bar: Don't Call It A Comeback 06x09
Back To The Bar: Don't Call It A Comeback 06x06
Taffer revisits The Comeback to see if owner Susan has been able to control her boozing, attempts to convince a stubborn owner to break her bizarre addiction to canned meat, and reconnects with Dimples' owner Sal about plans to revive his bar.
Mississippi Rears 06x05
A Navy vet finds himself in over his head when relies on his unqualified friend to manage his failing Mississippi dive bar.
Ground Control To Major Jon 06x04
Jon visits a Cape Canaveral area bar frequented by local NASA astronauts. Can Jon get the bar back off the ground, or will a mother-daughter feud cause a failure to launch?
Weird Science 06x03
Two scientists struggle with the correct formula to run a successful bar.
Close, But No Cigar 06x02
When an old-school Memphis cigar man takes a stab at the bar business, he discovers hiring his millennial son wasn't quite what he had expected.
Put It On Cody's Tab 06x01
On the season premiere, a son takes over the failing family business and must battle his belligerent father, a volatile cook, and a filthy kitchen before Jon Taffer shuts it down
Back to the Bar: Disasters of Epic Proportions 05x31
Taffer revisits three bars whose fortunes turned for the worse after disasters ravaged their futures, from the apocalypse-themed bar The End, to Chicago landmark The Abbey.
The Unlucky Leprechaun 05x30
Jon Taffer tries to convince a foul-mouthed owner to change his ways before the bar he owns with his ex-wife shuts down for good.
Back to the Bar: For Whom the Cajun Belle Tolls 05x29
Taffer revisits The Cajun Belle to see whether husband Dave still supports his hard-working wife and whether their marriage needs another rescue, checked in on the partnership at Hammer & Ales, and heads back to The Wildcatter.

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