Can't get enough Cake Boss? You're in luck! On Buddy's Bakery Rescue, fans will get a chance to see Buddy in action as he provides valuable wisdom to a struggling bakery that needs help getting back on its feet. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Prince Street Cafe and Bakery 02x06
Buddy finds some inconsistencies in a bakery set up in honour of a woman's dead Grandfather.
Not Jus' Donuts 02x05
Myrtle is in two minds about selling on her family business.
Laura's Sweets Specialty Bake Shoppe 02x04
Buddy Valastro heads to Laura's Sweets Specialty Bake Shoppe in New York, where arguments and the stress of running a business are taking a toll on two sisters.
Pastry Is Art 02x03
Jenny hails from Peru and has now opened her own business in the U.S.
Grandma Millie's Bakery & Cafe 02x02
A family's bakery in a small airport needs a change.
Bing's Bakery 02x01
Delaware Bing’s Bakery has been in business since 1946. Owner Tom keeps hundreds of items on the menu, both good and bad, even as they continue to lose money. Can Buddy get through to Tom that changes need to be made?
Drew's Pastry Place 01x07
A pastry shop in Houston is $600,000 in debt, but Buddy also finds a rift in this family business and a reluctance by the owner to revamp the menu.
Lidia's Bakeshop & Cafe 01x06
A woman's cupcake shop in Texas is on the verge of closing unless Buddy can help her turn her business around and manage her staff of family members.
Baked Euphoria 01x05
Baked Euphoria was founded to give customers a sugar high. But with declining business, it's now owner Bonnie that needs a pick me up. Can Buddy repair the low morale and fix the menu before this business becomes a complete downer?
Oteri's Italian Bakery 01x04
Business at an Italian bakery in Philadelphia has slowed since the death of the owner's father, so Buddy tries to help them get back on their feet.

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