Based on a popular comic strip created by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, Baby Blues centers around Darryl and Wanda MacPherson and their child Zoe. Darryl (Mike O'Malley) and Wanda (Julia Sweeny) are new parents who are trying to survive through the obstacles of parenthood. They also have to face dealing with their next door neighbors Carl (Joel Murry ), Melinda (Arabella Field), and their three kids Rodney, Meagan (both voiced by Kath Soucie), and Shelby Bitterman. Darryl's best friend and co-worker Kenny (Deidrich Bader) is the one that Darryl goes to for advice. To help them, Daryl and Wanda hire Bizzy (Nicole Sullivan); a hip teen to babysit Zoe. The show presents the toughness of being new parents by showing the day to day problems of Wanda and Darryl. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Wanda Moves Up 02x05
Wanda opens a business and Darryl becomes a stay at home dad. Each begin to appreciate each others roles in the family.
A Baby Blues Christmas Special (a.k.a. The Christmas) 02x04
Darryl and Wanda begin to disagree on how to raise Zoe. Daryl wants to shield her, and Wanda believes in more relaxed upbringing.
Teddy-Cam 02x03
Darryl asks Car for help when he an Wanda come home to find Bizzy with her new boyfriend. Carl gives him a teddy bear with a hidden cam located inside. Wanda wanting to be hip again asks Bizzy to come over a few extra nights a week which Darryl sees as an opportunity to test out the teddy-cam.
The Bad Family 02x02
Darryl believes that the Bittermans are the bad family in the neighborhood and wishes the would move. The Bittermans think that Wanda and Darryl are the bad family when they see Wanda holding whiskey in one hand ad Zoe in the other actually she was throwing out the whiskey but they didn't notice. When gossip begins to spread the neighborhood throws a secret town meeting which worries the MacPherson's
Wanda Proof 02x01
Darryl believes that Wanda is being an irresponsible mother. While talking to Bizzy Zoe rolls over the changing table, Wanda rushes Zoe to Dr. Gruber to get stitches. Darryl later finds out t the hospital and hires a baby proffer to baby proof the house
Ugly Zoe 01x08
Wanda sets up an iterview with a preschool for Zoe. Meawhile Carl makes Rodney work because he recieved a bill for damage Rodney made at a carnival. Wanda becomes paniacy when she notices Zoe's head has gotten lesions on it. Later Zoe develops pink eye and falls and gets a scab on her head. Darryl believes this will not hurt her chances but Wanda disagrees.
Rodney Moves In 01x07
Getting tired of Zoe's excessive crying, Wanda asks Carl for some help who is looking fo help with Rodney. Wanda finds out that Rodney is the only one who can stop Zoe's crying. Wanting some free time from Rodney Melinda leaves him there. Rodney decides that he does not want to leave. But Darryl forces him to leave so Zoe begans crying again, with no choice left the MacPhreson's are force to take in Rodney. When there parents come to vist and see how they alow Rodney to sleep with thier grandchild. Wanda an Darryl have no choice but to have Carl take back Rodney.
World's Greatest Dad 01x06
After Melinda invites Wanda to go to the ceramic painting place, Darryl and Carl are forced totake the kids to Gumdrop sation. Athough surprisingly he has a good time with Carl he pretends it was bad so Wanda will feel bad. Darryl tells her to go again so he can see "the birthday ladyl" the woman who sings happy birthday to the little kids. Because Wanda fells so bad for Darryl for having to spend time with Carl that she begans ttreat him so nicely. Although that doesn't last long when she decides to take over for cal and take the kids to Gumdrop statin with Darryl.
The Bitterman Hillbillies 01x05
Carl gets promoted to groundskepper of a big league baseball team. Darryl become envious because of the things Carl buys. Wanda beomes upset when Bizzy is forced to qut because she is offered more money bthe Bittermans. Meanhile Darryl tris to get the best square in the office baseball pool. With no luck his only hope is for the final score to be 19-9 to win the pool and get the money to get back Bizzy.
Hurtin' Inside 01x04
Because of Bizzy's new boyfriend Ray, and the way he treats her, Wanda beomes overly excited about finding her a new boyfriend. Meanwhile Rodney feels alone when Zoe develops a crush and stops wanting to hang around him.

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