Walter Nebicher, a young computer whiz police officer, develops a holographic crimefighter he calls Automan, and the two assist the Los Angeles Police Department in solving the disappearance of key personnel from various corporations. Add to my shows

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Club Ten 01x13
The Club Ten resort is a center of diamond smuggling. One of the gang, Felipe, has double-crossed his cohorts and they are after him. Golf pro Ted and henchman Randy catch him, and when he refuses to divulge the whereabouts of the diamonds he stole, they capture his companion, Laura Ferguson, in the act of making a call for help.
Death By Design 01x12
Jack and old colleague Nate Hester are tracking professional killer Erik LeBlanc. Nate follows LeBlanc into a building, where he kills fashion mogul Joseph Sylvana, then shoots Nate on the way out and escapes. Walter and Roxanne are kissing on his couch when Automan interrupts after watching a Nasty Eddie picture.
Zippers 01x11
A burglar, Gary Baxley, hits the upper middle class home of Dennis Stanton and eludes a police chase, returning to Zippers, a male exotic dance club, where he dances as the "Cat Burglar." His partner is Stanley, the parking attendant. They make wax impressions of the patrons' house keys, and then hit the houses when the owners are out.
Murder, Take One 01x10
Gossip columnist Ray Gilette gets into an argument with former star Veronica Everly outside a Hollywood hotspot. She threatens him and he returns home to be murdered. Next day, Gilette's assistant Sheila Dunham reveals the threat her boss received to Jack, who questions Veronica. Meanwhile, Automan has discovered Gillette’s notes showing producer Michael Hagedorn financing a movie with drug profits, providing a motive for murder. Automan is a big fan of Veronica’s, and receives an invitation to visit her at the studio when he asks for an autograph.
Murder MTV 01x09
Sweet Kicks is a band on the rise. Sid Cole is manager and lead singer Monica's dad. At the shooting of the group's music video, an explosion rocks the stage. Jack Curtis is on the case to find the bomber. Walter gives Automan a look at the charred explosive device. He determines it was activated by the music.
Renegade Run 01x08
Biker Chico Fuentes is on the run from Sheriff Clay Horton. Horton wants Chico to sign over his half of his ancestral land so Horton can use it to run illegal aliens across the border, where he sells them fake green cards and puts them to work on illegal road gangs, bilking the state out of thousands of dollars. He corners Chico and puts him on the road gang, after forcing the signature out of him.
The Biggest Game in Town 01x07
Three computer game wizards create a terror-filled computer game which threatens the entire city of Los Angeles with chaos, death and destruction if their ransom demand is not met. It's all the creation of Ronald Tilson, a revenge-seeking former computer expert for the city, who was fired for embezzlement after he helped set up much of the city's computer system. The others are Ellie Harmon and Bart Johnston, two very successful computer game creators.
Flashes and Ashes 01x06
It's late night at the Police armory and rogue cops Sam Lymon, Dean Springer and Jeff Coe are stealing rifles and ammunition. When honest cop Frank Cooney gets the drop on them, Lymon dives for a rifle and kills him. Spring then chloroforms Coe and Lymon, setting up Cooney as the fall guy.
Unreasonable Facsimile 01x05
A police helicopter crashes when a faulty rotor supplied by Powers-Innis Aeronautics fails, killing five. Henry Innis sees a news report and implores his partner Jarrett Powers to test the remaining surplus parts they have been selling. Powers, not wanting to blow a pending deal to sell the company, arranges for Innis to meet with mobster Ed Scanlin, whose connections got the company a big loan. As a precaution, Innis mails out a computer disc containing incriminating evidence. He and Scanlin meet at Club Dionysius that night, where Scanlin murders Innis.
Ships in the Night 01x04
On the Caribbean island of San Christobal, Robert Sawyer has a profitable scam going. He lures near-bankrupt businessmen into drug deals, then double-crosses them, taking their money and dumping them into the ocean from his private jet. James Dowling is his latest victim. Boyd puts Jack on the case, sending he and Roxanne to the island, with Walter providing a computerized history as cover. Automan discovers six businessmen have disappeared there; at least one died. Automan and Walter take off in the Autoplane to warn Jack and Roxanne.

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