The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the TOH crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls! Add to my shows

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March 27, 2021 19x18

season 2

Door Jamb and Storm Door; What Is It? Garden Tools 02x26
Tom installs a new storm door. The guys ask "What is it?" Roger helps Kevin choose the right garden tools for his spring cleanup.
Copper Pipe Corrosion; What Is It? Stripping a Drafty Door 02x25
Richard examines a viewer's corroded copper pipes and identifies the source of the corrosion: a rusty hot water heater. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom helps a homeowner replace the worn-out weather stripping around his drafty kitchen door.
Track Light; Drywall Repair Clips; Noisy Baseboard Heaters 02x24
Master electrician Allen Gallant installs track lighting. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard makes a house call to help homeowners quiet their noisy baseboard heaters.
Radiant Heat; What Is It? Prep Aluminum Siding for Paint 02x23
Richard Trethewey removes a baseboard heater to prepare for a complete remodeling of his bathroom. Richard returns to help the homeowner install radiant heat. The guys ask "What is it?" Painting expert Jim Clark helps a homeowner prepare his aluminum siding for a brand-new paint job.
Curved Molding; Buying Wire Foot; What Is It? Maple Syrup 02x22
Tom helps installs basecap molding. Electrician Allen Gallant shows host Kevin how to purchase electrical wire by the foot. The guys ask "What is it?" Roger shows a family how to collect sap from a maple tree and turn it into maple syrup.
Steam Radiator; What Is It? Preparing Raised Garden Beds 02x21
Richard repairs an old steam radiator that squeals and leaks. The guys ask "What is it?" Roger helps a homeowner prepare his raised garden beds for a long, cold winter.
Programmable Thermostat; What Is It? Plaster and Lath Wall 02x20
Richard installs a programmable thermostat. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom helps a homeowner repair a cracked plaster and lath wall in her daughter's bedroom.
Cutting Glass; Climbing Vines; What Is It? Portable Aircon 02x19
Tom shows Kevin how to cut a pane of glass safely and accurately. Roger helps a homeowner beautify a fieldstone wall behind her home with two varieties of flowering vines. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard installs a portable air conditioning unit in an overheated attic apartment.
Deterring Deer; PVC Pipe; What Is It? Sagging Shower Door 02x18
Roger shows a homeowner how to protect his ornamental shrubs from the ravages of hungry deer. Richard answers a viewer's question about PVC pipe connections. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom heads out to help the Ryan family fix a shower door.
Snaking Speaker Wire; What Is It? Planting a Tree 02x17
Tom snakes wire for a pair of outdoor speakers. The guys ask "What is it?" Roger and Kevin head outside to plant a magnolia tree in front of the barn.
Water Quality Testing; What Is It? Damaged Floorboard 02x16
Richard Trethewey and a water specialist examine water quality and discuss the installation of a water softener and sediment filter. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom replaces a rotten board in her oak hardwood flooring.
Sliding Closet Doors; What Is It? Electric Heat; Paint Colors 02x15
Tom Silva fixes stubborn sliding closet doors. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard shows Kevin the basics of electric radiant floor heat. Then Kevin and preservation specialist Sally Zimmerman use a new software package to help homeowners select historically appropriate exterior paint colors.
Walkway Installation; What Is It? Cutting Accurate Miters 02x14
Roger installs a brick walkway at the front entrance to his house. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom shows Kevin different ways to cut a perfect miter in wood trim.
Squeaky Hardwood Floors; What Is It? Building Timber Stairs 02x13
Tom quiets a squeaky hardwood floors. The guys ask "What is it?" Roger helps a homeowner build a set of timber steps on a short slope outside her home.
Drip Irrigation Repair; What Is It? Leaky Tile Tub 02x12
Roger repairs a drip irrigation system The guys ask "What is it?" Richard and tile expert Joe Ferrante help repair a leaky bathtub once and for all.
Stairway Handrail; What Is It? Transplanting a Rhododendron 02x11
Tom Silva installs a handrail in his spilt-level stairway. The guys ask "What is it?" Then Roger shows how to transplant a large rhododendron to another area of the yard.
Chimney Liner; What Is It? Toilet Tank Condensation 02x10
Chimney expert Mark Schaub helps homeowner Terry Peterson repair the water heater flue in his chimney. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard installs an "anti-sweat" valve to prevent condensation on a toilet tank.
Poison Ivy Removal; What Is It? Installing a Shingles Corner 02x09
Roger Cook removes poison ivy without the use of herbicides. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom shows how to install cedar shingles and weave an outside corner..
Prefinished Engineered Floor; Replacing a Sink Stopper 02x08
Tom Silva installs a pre-finished wood floor. Richard replaces a bathroom sink stopper that's being held together with an old popsicle stick.
Groundcover Planting; Opening Stuck Windows 02x07
Roger Cook helps plant ivy and pachysandra. Tom Silva heads off to Florida to help Miami homeowner Marc Jacobson unstick the sash on his double-hung windows.
Window Trimming; Utility Boxes; What Is It? Kitchen Faucet 02x06
Tom shows host Kevin how to install interior window trim. Roger Cook enlists the help of landscape architect Tom Wirth to help hide a group of unsightly utility boxes. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard shows a simple fix for the broken kitchen spray hose.
Drywell Installation; What Is It? Getting a Grip 02x05
Roger installs a backyard drywell to handle the torrent of the rainfall from roof gutters. The guys ask "What is it?" Tom shows how to install a safety grab bar in a bathtub.
Fixing a Hole; What Is It? 14-Inch Rough-in Toilet 02x04
Tom shows Kevin how to repair different size holes in drywall. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard replaces a large 1920s wall-mounted toilet with a new model designed to fit an existing flange.
Slate Walkway; What Is It? Shower Stall Leak 02x03
Roger turns a neglected slate walkway into an attractive and safe footpath. Te guys ask "What is it?" Richard helps diagnose and repair a frustrating leak in a fiberglass shower stall.
Newel Renewal; What Is It? Replacing a Water Heater 02x02
Tom Silva secures a shaky newel post at the top of a stairway. The guys ask "What is it?" Richard replaces a 50-year-old water heater with a new model designed to meet strict new national safety regulations.
Deadbolt Installation; Hedge Trimming; Hot Water Heater 02x01
New host Kevin O'Connor arrives at the barn (a little late) and meets Roger, Richard, and Tom. Tom and Kevin discuss different types of deadbolts and demonstrate how to install one. Roger trims some hedges. Richard and Kevin fix a heating system.

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