The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the TOH crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls! Add to my shows

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March 27, 2021 19x18

season 1

Clearing a Toilet; What Is It? Attic Access; Tomatoes 01x26
Richard shows Steve several different ways to clear a toilet stoppage. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom installs a new set of folding attic stairs and Roger shows Steve how to start tomato plants from seeds.
The Dutchman; What Is It? Flood Prevention 01x25
Tom repairs an exterior door jamb by installing a dutchman. The guys ask "What Is It?" Richard prevents a basement from flooding by installing a leak sensor and automatic water shutoff valve on a water heater.
Kitchen Disposer; What Is It? Hearing Protection 01x24
Richard installs a new garbage disposer. The guys ask "What Is It?" Roger and hearing protection expert Dr. Mark Stephenson test the decibel level of several power tools. They show Tom several new types of hearing protection.
Crown Molding; What Is It? Keeping Out the Cold 01x23
Tom installs crown molding. The guys ask "What Is It?" Richard helps a Chicago-area homeowner install insulation to prevent his bathroom pipes from freezing.
Leaky Faucet; What Is It? Removing Wallpaper; Glue Guns 01x22
Richard examines a leaky shower tub faucet and repairs the fixture. The guys ask "What Is It?" Painting expert Jim Clark helps homeowners Kathleen and Kevin O'Connor remove painted wallpaper. Tom and Steve demonstrate several hot glue guns, including a new cordless model.
Snow Removal; What Is It? Fixing a Sash 01x21
Steve and Roger head outside to demonstrate different types of snow shovels and snow throwers. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom helps repair the broken sash cords on an old window.
New Sill; What Is It? Rolling Paint; Sharpening Knives 01x20
Tom Silva helps remove the aluminum siding around a window and repair the damaged sill. The guys ask "What Is It?" Painting expert Jim Clark shows Steve how to use different types of paint rollers. Roger and knife sharpening expert Stan Watson sharpen kitchen knives.
Insulating Windows; What Is It? Sewage Injection Pump 01x19
Tom Silva installs insulation around sash weight pockets. The guys ask "What Is It?" Richard installs a sewage ejection pump for a new basement toilet.
Gutter Protection; What Is It? Steadying the Toilet 01x18
Tom Silva shows several products that are designed to keep leaves and other debris out of rain gutters. The guys ask "What Is It?" Richard repairs a wobbly toilet.
Washer-Dryer Shutoff; What Is It? Drywall; Plumbing Torches 01x17
Richard installs an automatic water shutoff valve on a combination washer/dryer. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom shows Steve the proper technique for preparing drywall joints. Richard discusses different types of plumbing torches.
Aerating the Lawn; What Is It? Hanging Pictures 01x16
Painter Jim Clark shows Steve the proper way to paint the exterior of a double-hung window. Roger helps aerate and fertilize a lawn. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom then shows Steve different ways to hang a picture on a hollow wall.
Stubborn Ivy; What Is It? Replacing a Bathroom Window 01x15
Roger removes ivy. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom replaces the window in a third-floor condominium bathroom. Tom explains the proper way to measure for a replacement window.
No More Scalding; Robotic Mowers; Critter-Proofing 01x14
Richard installs a new shower faucet that will eliminate the chance of scalding. Roger and Steve head outside to test the latest robotic lawn mowers. Tom and an animal control expert help "critter-proof" a house.
Spray-Painting; Chimney Dampers; What Is It? Splitting Logs 01x13
Painter Jim Clark shows the several different types of paint sprayers and demonstrates proper technique. Steve enlists the help of chimney expert Mark Schaub to replace a broken fireplace damper. The guys ask "What Is It?" Steve and Roger head outside to demonstrate different ways to split logs for firewood.
Sawhorses; Frost-Free Faucet; What Is It? Composting Leaves 01x12
Tom shows different types of store-bought sawhorses and teaches Steve how to build a pair from scratch. Richard installs a new frost-proof outdoor faucet. The guys ask "What Is It?" Roger then shows Steve how to collect and compost leaves.
Garden Pruners; Shutters; What Is It? A Tankless Job 01x11
Roger and garden tool expert Paul Schneider discuss different types of hand pruners. Tom Silva helps repair and reinstall their broken shutters. The guys ask "What Is It?" Richard shows Steve several models of instantaneous water heaters, then examine a tankless hot water system.
Washer Repair; Pressure-Washed Brick; Drip-Free Faucet 01x10
Richard and Steve take apart an old washing machine to determine why it's making a loud rumbling. Roger Cook uses a pressure washer to clean off a slippery walkway. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom demonstrates different types of spirit levels, and Richard helps fix a leaky kitchen faucet.
Basement Window; Painting Panels; Weed Trimmers 01x09
Tom replaces a rotting basement window and installs a new dryer vent. Painting expert Jim Clark shows the proper technique for painting a pre-hung six-panel door. Electrician Allen Gallant installs a new power outlet in a dining room, and Roger shows Steve how to replace the string on a weed trimmer.
Wooden Bung Holes; What Is It? Lattice Project 01x08
Tom shows Steve how to cut wooden bung holes and install them in decking. Painter Jim Clark visits a viewer and shows her why the new paint in her bathroom is cracking and peeling. The guys ask "What Is It?" Tom shows how to build an attractive outdoor lattice.
Jacking It Up; Chainsaw Smarts 01x07
Tom repairs a sagging floor in a three-family house. The failing beam is jacked up, new concrete footings poured, and several new lally columns installed. Roger works with chainsaw expert Tim Ard to sharpen and maintain his saws.
Ceiling Repair; Grinding the Stump; Shop Specs 01x06
Tom repairs a cracked plaster ceiling in a condominium. Richard and Steve rebuild a toilet to prevent it from continuously filling. Roger uses a stump grinder to remove an old tree stump. Tom replaces a broken pane of glass and reglazes a window sash.
Sanding Options; Digging Post Holes; Better Boiling 01x05
Tom and Steve demonstrate two types of floor sanders: a traditional drum sander and a random orbital sander. Roger and Steve dig post holes for a new fence. Richard replaces a corroded pipe on a a boiler. Tom gives Steve a lesson in proper caulking technique.
Air Eliminator; Saving the Trim; Filling the Gaps 01x04
Richard installs an air eliminator valve on a hydronic heating system. Tom shows how to remove nails without damaging trim. Steve and Roger maintain a snow blower. Painting contractor Jim Clark shows ways to clean and maintain old paintbrushes. Tom shows how to use sisal and jute rope to fill the gaps in a 160-year-old pine floor.
Concrete Stoop Covering; Battling the Skeeters 01x03
Tom helps to hide an ugly back stoop. He shows the different adhesives and fasteners used, as well as more traditional types of decking. Steve and Roger demonstrate a new product that could rid backyards of mosquitoes. Richard Trethewey shows the proper technique for installing a thermostat on an old radiator.
Plumbing Toolkit; Park the Car Quietly; Safe Swinging 01x02
Roger demonstrates different ways to mend a damaged garden hose. Richard shows plumbing tools he recommends for homeowners. Tom explains how to use a square as a guide for cross-cutting. Tom fixes a noisy garage door opener. Roger helps with a muddy lawn under swings.
Window Screen; Saving the Rain; Looking for Headroom 01x01
In the debut episode, host Steve Thomas joins Richard , Roger, and Tom in the Ask This Old House loft to give viewers a chance to ask questions and get expert advice about their homes.

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