The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the TOH crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls! Add to my shows

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Mini Split, Butcher Block 19x13

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Radiator Paint, Load Bearing Wall 19x12
Richard replaces a weird shower valve with a conventional pressure balanced one; Mauro repaints a radiator cover with lead paint on it; Tom explains how to identify and remove load-bearing walls.
Garden Upgrade, Adirondack Chair 19x11
Jenn demonstrates how to clean up a garden; Ross explains how air filters can catch unwanted air impurities and demonstrates how to build a DIY one; Tom and Kevin build an Adirondack chair.
Landscape Lighting, Brick Walkway 19x10
In this episode, Master Electrician Heath Eastman installs landscape lights in a garden and Richard Trethewey explains how siphons work. Then, Tom Silva organizes tools with pegboard, and Mark McCullough helps a homeowner redo his walkway.
Reclaimed Wood Mantel, Geothermal Installation 19x09
Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner turn a reclaimed beam into a fireplace mantel; Richard Trethewey shows how to change a bathroom faucet; Ross Trethewey explores innovations to geothermal installations.
String Lights, Christmas Trees, & Happy Holidays! 19x08
Jenn Nawada discusses Christmas trees; Richard Trethewey explains what can and can't go down a garbage disposal after holiday dinners; Heath Eastman helps a homeowner safely install a variety of Christmas lights.
All About Fireplaces 19x07
In this special episode of Ask This Old House, Tom Silva and Mark McCullough tell you everything you need to know about fireplaces; Tom builds a custom mantel for a homeowner; Richard Trethewey discusses fireplace inserts; Mark replaces the hearth of a fireplace with granite.
Installing Water Features 19x06
In this special episode, we'll share some of the features we've added to homeowners' houses over the years and we'll break down the process of adding one of these to your own backyard.
All About Windows 19x05
In this special episode of Ask This Old House, Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor explain everything you need to know about using, installing, maintaining and repairing a window.
Landscapes Across America 19x04
Jenn Nawada explains how various climates across the United States impact the design, care, and maintenance of different landscapes, which includes discussing USDA Hardiness Zones and native plant species.
All About Walkways 19x03
In this special episode of Ask This Old House, Roger Cook, Jenn Nawada and Mark McCullough explain best practices for installing or repairing a walkway; Mark helps a homeowner install a new walkway using natural stone.

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