After being passed over as partner at The Bluth Co., widower Michael resolves to quit the family business and move away to spend more quality time with his 13-year-old son, George Michael. But when his father George Bluth Sr. is arrested for shifty accounting practices and the family assets are frozen, Michael is forced to stay in Orange County to help his wildly eccentric family pick up the pieces. Add to my shows

season 2

The Righteous Brothers 02x18
Due to shoddy plumbing on the model home, Michael must call an inspector to check out the house. But when he asks George Sr. to vacate the attic so that he won't have to cover for him, Gob steps in to help and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, George Michael helps Ann stage a boycott of the American version of "Dangerous Liaisons" and they inadvertently turn the movie into a bigger hit for Maeby. And when Michael asks Tobias to keep an eye on Kitty, their relationship begins to bloom, much to Lindsay's dismay.
Spring Breakout 02x17
It's Spring Break, and Gob gets the chance to confront Phillip Litt, the guy who featured Gob's magic trick mistakes on a "Girls with Low Self-Esteem" video. Meanwhile, Lucille's drinking is out of control and Michael tricks her into going to rehab by telling her it's a spa. But when Kitty kidnaps George Sr. and attempts to blackmail the Bluths, Michael must turn to Lucille for help.
Meet the Veals 02x16
When George Michael gives Ann a promise ring, Michael is concerned it's too much, too fast and decides to talk to her parents, the Veals. But when his plan backfires, Michael takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, George Sr. enlists Gob's help in abducting Lucille and taking her to renew their vows in order to get her away from Oscar.
Sword of Destiny 02x15
Gob and Buster team up for some magic tricks with the help of Buster's fake hand, but when Tony Wonder, a rival magician, starts to mentor them, somebody gets the finger. Meanwhile, Michael is forced to delegate some work when he's hospitalized and Lindsay teaches George Michael how to drive using the staircar.
The Immaculate Election 02x14
When Ann convinces George-Michael to run for student body president, Michael gets involved and things take a turn for the worse. Michael asks Gob to help remedy the situation, but instead, Gob shoots an offensive campaign video that makes all the students revolt against George-Michael. Meanwhile, Buster has an affair with Lupe and Tobias moves out - sort of.
Motherboy XXX 02x13
When Lucille abducts George-Michael to take Buster's place at the annual mother-son dance, Michael and Buster try to save him and end up in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Tobias gets a role in which he must act like George Sr., which makes him more attractive to Lindsay.
My Hand to God 02x12
The Bluths are shocked to discover that Buster's hand was bitten off by a seal and he's left with a mean left hook. Meanwhile, Michael has to figure out if Maggie's baby is really his or if it's just another one of her lies.
Out on a Limb 02x11
Michael's budding relationship with Sally is threatened when he runs into his former fling, Maggie Lizer, who's pregnant. Michael suspects that he's the father, but Gob brings up a good point - since Maggie lied about being blind, she could be lying about her pregnancy, too. Meanwhile, George Michael struggles to find a way to break up with Ann, and Buster learns he is going to be deployed to Iraq.
Ready, Aim, Marry Me 02x10
The Bluths are worried that Lucille 2 is making a deal to sell the company, so George Sr. suggests calling an old family friend, Uncle Jack, for help. But when creepy Uncle Jack agrees to come to their aid only if he gets a date with Lindsay, Michael must come up with a plan to distract Tobias. Meanwhile, Gob and Buster team up to find out what Lucille 2 is up to and end up fighting over her.
Burning Love 02x09
When Michael reunites with his long lost love, Sally Sitwell, their romance is interrupted by meddling parents. Meanwhile, Gob starts to fall for Lucille 2 and Lucille worries about who will bid on her in the bachelorette auction this year since Buster is dating someone.
Queen for a Day 02x08
When Michael learns that the company stock has been unfrozen, he decides to sell a little to buy a car. Unbeknownst to him and despite warnings from their attorney, the rest of the family sell off their stock as well and they lose control of the company. Meanwhile, Lucille 2 is back, only to discover Buster is dating the new secretary.
Switch Hitter 02x07
When the president of a rival company, Sitwell, hires away Gob in an effort to win the big company softball game against the Bluth Co., Michael asks Gob to throw the game. Gob grapples with the idea, but finds his new boss supportive and fatherly, which catches him off guard. Meanwhile, Lindsay takes anti-depressants and the bizarre side effects include hallucinations and a strong sense of team spirit.
Afternoon Delight 02x06
When a prankster throws the banana stand into the bay, Michael is forced to rebuild it. Meanwhile, Gob acts as president of the company and prepares for the annual Christmas party. But things take an awkward turn when Gob fires everyone after an employee inadvertently roasts him. Michael realizes he must woo the employees back by throwing another holiday party and decides to do it in conjunction with the unveiling of the newly rebuilt banana stand. Meanwhile, Buster plays hooky from the army and spends all of his time at the arcade grabbing stuffed animals with a skill crane.
Sad Sack 02x05
When Wayne Jarvis is assigned to prosecute George Sr., he threatens Michael to turn in his father or go to jail. Michael, who has hidden his father in the attic, convinces him to stay hidden until he can figure out what to do. George Sr. confesses that he is only in town to win back Lucille and Michael is concerned that he will find out about Lucille's relationship with Oscar. Meanwhile, Lindsay spends more time with Maeby to get closer to Steve Holt and Tobias starts working out.
Good Grief! 02x04
When Lucille hires a bounty hunter to find George Sr., he delivers the disturbing news that George Sr. is dead. Each Bluth copes with the pain in a different way: Gob tries to pull off an elaborate illusion, Maeby tries to set up Lindsay with the bounty hunter, and Michael tries to mend his son's relationship. Meanwhile, George Sr. is closer than they all think.
Amigos 02x03
When the staircar turns up in Mexico, Michael decides to organize the family and go down to pick it up. Gob becomes suspicious of Michael's behavior so he hires a bounty hunter to follow him. Michael discovers this and rehires the bounty hunter to search for George Sr. Meanwhile, Lindsay develops a crush on the bounty hunter and Buster spends time with housekeeper Lupe's family and thinks he's in Mexico.
The One Where They Build a House 02x02
Due to Michael's continuing legal troubles, Gob agrees to be the company figurehead while Michael pulls the strings, an arrangement which, of course, ends up driving Michael completely crazy when Gob's showmanship and ludicrous ideas impress the board. Meanwhile, the mistaken identities continue when George Sr. is arrested in Mexico for a crime that Oscar committed, and Oscar takes George Sr.'s place in a way no one could have predicted.
The One Where Michael Leaves 02x01
When George Sr. is apprehended, the police realize they have mistakenly caught Oscar, George Sr.'s twin brother. With George Sr. at large, Michael is next in line to be prosecuted for the Bluth Co. crimes and must find funds immediately to stay out of jail. Too proud and angry to ask his family members for help, Michael is further vexed to find out that they are doing perfectly well without him - Lindsay and Tobias have decided to have an open relationship, Gob is running the company and Lucille has asked Oscar to move in and be a role model for Buster.

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