Arctic Air is a one-hour adventure series set in the booming Arctic, about a maverick airline and the unconventional family who runs it. That world is Yellowknife, and the High Arctic that lies beyond. The vast terrain and unforgiving climate mean the stakes are sky-high. This is life without a safety net. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Fall (2) 03x12
When disaster strikes, Krista's SAR team is trapped, and Tag clings to life on the mountain; Bobby and Mel race to save them.
The Fall (1) 03x11
Krista's SAR crew is pushed to the limit during a high-altitude rescue, while Bobby is the target of an attack in YK.
Last Drop 03x10
Bobby blames Bruce Ward for his foster sister's death in a dry community, as Blake and Lindsay pursue a murder suspect.
Rites of Passage 03x09
Bobby and Connor's weekend on the land becomes a fight for survival, while a high altitude flight puts Mel and Krista in peril.
The Fugitive 03x08
A prisoner transport becomes a life and death struggle for Blake and Lindsay, as Krista and Tag reach an impasse in their relationship.
Flying Solo 03x07
Bobby and Loreen race to save Caitlin when her first solo flight goes dangerously wrong.
On the Edge 03x06
Krista faces a grisly choice when her team attempts a life and death rescue.
The Devils You Know 03x05
Bobby fights to save Petra's life savings when Bruce Ward's involvement in a business deal causes violence and destruction.
The Finish Line 03x04
A high-stakes plane race raises ghosts from Mel's past, forcing Krista and Tag to confront a crisis in their relationship.
The Fling 03x03
Krista and Tag's relationship is tested when an emergency landing leaves them stranded.

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