Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy set at the International Secret Intelligence Service, a spy agency where espionage and global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Robert De Niro 10x09
When a trial turns into a party it can only mean that Barry-6 has returned!.
Cubert 10x08
Archer is convinced a mysterious object is causing the crew to act strangely. Is it magnetic? Is it supernatural? Does it need to be cleaned with some sterile wipes?
Space Pirates 10x07
A voyage home gets interrupted by an alien battle cruiser carrying precious cargo.
Road Trip 10x06
Daydreams of an interstellar road trip turn into an existential nightmare.
Mr. Deadly Goes to Town 10x05
Archer and the crew pick up a hitchhiker and try to convince him to turn his life around.
Dining with the Zarglorp 10x04
Deep in space, Archer and the crew encounter a terrifying cosmic beast. Even deeper, they encounter a self-aggrandizing life coach.
The Leftovers 10x03
Pam's sandwich ruins everyone's dinner by releasing something deep inside of them.
Happy Borthday 10x02
The crew provides entertainment for Bort while Barry-6 tries to crack Archer's safe. Written by Adam Reed.
Bort the Garj 10x01
Archer and the crew of the Seamus wake up to the smell of shepherd's pie and see a business opportunity in their new guest.
A Discovery 09x08
Archer and the gang enter a deadly temple in search of an even deadlier treasure.

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