Antiques Roadshow turns 20! PBS' most-watched ongoing series celebrates 20 seasons with a new look, new hidden treasures and more appraisals than ever. Tune in to discover finds from Spokane, Washington; Tucson, Arizona; Little Rock, Arkansas; Charleston, South Carolina; Cleveland, Ohio; and Omaha, Nebraska. - Mondays, beginning January 4, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Newport, Hour 2 22x17
Items include a Fabergé jade snuff bottle made around 1890, Basquiat oil stick drawing, and General Wharton Civil War archive.
Newport, Hour 1 22x16
Items include a diamond pin sway, a Rohmer doll, and Tiffany vases.
Green Bay, Hour 3 22x15
In Green Bay, items include a Belle Epoque diamond necklace from about 1915, 1952 and 1954 baseball cards, and Cheyenne cradleboard made around 1895.
Green Bay, Hour 2 22x14
Items include a Renaissance-revival poison ring from around 1875, a 1939 Union Pacific premiere banner, and a Harry Bertoia spray sculpture made around 1965.
Green Bay, Hour 1 22x13
Items include a 1967 Green Bay Packers "Ice Bowl" sign, a 1636 Rembrandt "Christ Before Pilate" etching, and an 1849-1850 Gold Rush diary.
Portland, Hour 3 22x12
Uncover West Coast wonders such as a Pablo Picasso "Grand Oiseau Vert" pot, an Ottoman zarf made around 1875, and a Tiffany Studios "Bookmark" desk set from around 1924.
Portland, Hour 2 22x11
Take a passage to Portland to learn more about antique and vintage items like a 1942 Oregon State jacket and Rose Bowl trophy, a Ming Dynasty celadon bowl, and Evel Knievel leathers from around 1967. Can you guess which item is valued for up to $100,000?
Portland, Hour 1 22x10
On this episode, travel to the City of Roses for fantastic finds such as "Heller in Pink Tights" movie credits; a mid-century modern Eero Saarinen Womb settee; and a Lincoln-inscribed photograph from about 1860.
St Louis, Hour 3 22x09
On this episode, meet ROADSHOW in St. Louis to search for vintage and antique treasures, including a 1920 Grace Ravlin oil painting; a Michael Jackson-signed fedora and photo from around 1990; and a Tiffany GMT-Master Rolex, ca. 1963
St. Louis, Hour 2 22x08
A Rookwood Shirayamadani black opal vase from 1927; an Elijah Pierce preaching stick; an Ozark Air Lines poster circa 1960.

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