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Buckfast Abbey 2 41x14
At Buckfast Abbey in Devon, finds include a glorious tiara, a teddy bear with an intriguing secret, and a silver platter that is not all that it seems.
Erddig 2 41x13
The show visits Erddig in Wales, where finds include a ring linked to Charlotte Bronte, an intriguing Civil War chair and a jade figurine from the Summer Palace in Beijing.
Aerospace Bristol 2 41x12
The Roadshow comes from Aerospace in Bristol, under the wings of Concorde. Discoveries include a lucky 4-leaf clover brooch and a stash of Radiohead memorabilia.
Crathes Castle 1 41x11
Antiques Roadshow is at Crathes Castle in Scotland where treasures include a Cartier clock, a tiny bowl with a giant price tag and a royal portrait that is not all that it seems.
Eltham Palace 2 41x10
MediaCityUK 1 41x09
Wrest Park 1 41x08
The Roadshow is at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, where treasures include a diamond and ruby pendant, an exotic snuff box and a chair that belonged to the Artful Dodger!
Piece Hall 1 41x07
The Roadshow is in Yorkshire at the glorious Piece Hall in Halifax, where treasures include an 18th-century Chinese imperial robe, an opal pig and a stunning sapphire brooch.
Aerospace 1 41x06
This week, the Roadshow comes from the Concorde Hangar at Aerospace Bristol. Treasures include vintage guitars, a unique medal for gallantry and plenty of Concorde memorabilia.
Buckfast Abbey 1 41x05
Fiona Bruce and the team head to the historic Buckfast Abbey in Devon, currently commemorating 1,000 years of worship on the site. On a perfect summer's day, the grounds of the abbey are packed with visitors bearing their treasures. Silver specialist Alastair Dickenson is impressed by a tankard dating back to 1703, while Adam Schoon shows how a hidden lock in a 1640s iron chest would have deterred thieves.Collectibles come in all shapes and sizes as Lisa Lloyd finds out when valuing some London street signs alongside a Biba frock. And militaria specialist Mark Smith is wowed by a piece of shrapnel from the battleship Bismarck.

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