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Salisbury Cathedral 1 42x03

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Second World War Special 42x02
Fiona Bruce and the team are at Dover Castle for a special edition marking 80 years since the start of the Second World War, bringing insights into the conflict through personal stories and family mementos. A photo album belonging to an Austrian soldier offers a previously unseen glimpse of Neville Chamberlain's ill-fated meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1938, while Fiona Bruce meets 95-year-old Ray Palmer, who has the rare distinction of being both a child evacuee and then a serving soldier.
Morden Hall Park 1 42x01
Fiona Bruce and the team are at Morden Hall Park in South London, assessing items including a rare Cartier driver's watch, a self-portrait by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and a plate designed by Pablo Picasso. Jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy examines a diamond studded replica of a brooch originally designed for Wallis Simpson, while glass expert Andy McConnell inspects three early 18th-century pieces bought for just a few pence.
Eltham Palace 3 41x21
Cromer Pier 1 41x20
The Roadshow is on Cromer pier in Norfolk. Treasures include a letter from John Lennon, a device marked 'Certain Death' and some Swedish glass bought for 50p.
MediaCityUK 2 41x19
The Roadshow comes from Media City UK. Showbiz treasures include an opera singer's perfume bottle, a travelling magician's box of tricks and an early animation machine.
Wrest Park 2 41x18
Osborne House 2 41x17
Newcastle Civic Centre 2 41x16
Fiona Bruce presents the show from Newcastle's Civic Centre, where rare diaries reveal the story of Victorian heroine Grace Darling and her mission to save lives at sea.
Piece Hall 2 41x15
Fiona Bruce presents the show from the Piece Hall in Halifax, where items brought in include a royal portrait by Beryl Cook and a Wedgwood bowl its owner claims is cursed.
Buckfast Abbey 2 41x14
At Buckfast Abbey in Devon, finds include a glorious tiara, a teddy bear with an intriguing secret, and a silver platter that is not all that it seems.

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