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Castle Howard 2 40x08
The Antiques Roadshow returns to Castle Howard in North Yorkshire for a classic summer roadshow. The range of objects brought for the experts to peruse is as eclectic as the people who own them, from a humble terracotta figurine to a rare jade Buddha. A collection of dynamic aviation paintings proves a big hit with Paul Atterbury. Although not by a well-known artist, they are a contemporary, eyewitness account of some of the First World War's most vicious dog-fights. Plus a belt buckle used on a nurses uniform proves to be an exotic French creation worth thousands of pounds. Sometimes, it's a collection that makes headlines. At Castle Howard, finds include a collection of highly-decorative snuff boxes and another of Welsh cycling medals, many of which are solid gold. Fiona pits her wits against ceramic specialist Will Farmer to guess which of three items has increased in value over the 40 years that the Antiques Roadshow has been on air. Who will emerge triumphant?

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Black Country Living Museum 40x07
The Antiques Roadshow visits the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, where surprising finds include a 3,000-year-old baby rattle and a FabergÚ treasure destined to become one of the most valuable items ever seen on the show. Jewellery specialist Geoffrey Munn is left breathless by the majestic beauty of the regimental jewel, commissioned by the Countess of Dudley in 1903 for the Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars in honour of their service in the Boer War. Other discoveries include a typewriter used by children's author Enid Blyton to create some of her most famous works and one of Laurence Olivier's first acting scripts, carefully transcribed in his own hand. Indian art specialist Amin Jaffer delivers a short history of the spittoon, while Andy McConnell challenges Fiona to guess which glass object has increased the most in value. The most poignant find of the day is a tin of children's toys and trinkets that had been hidden up a chimney as part of a treasure hunt in 1940.
Entertainment Special 40x06
Antiques Roadshow visits the set of EastEnders for a special programme celebrating the world of television, film and entertainment. As part of its 40th anniversary series the Antiques Roadshow team grace the streets of Walford, pay a visit to its memorable landmarks, and watch as presenter Fiona Bruce has a drink in the Queen Vic with actresses June Brown and Letitia Dean.The programme includes the valuation of a variety of remarkable items, including the iconic axe from The Shining, props from the first Star Wars film, Harry Potter memorabilia, a script from the first episode of Doctor Who and many more.
Senate House 2 40x05
Fiona Bruce and the team of experts visit the University of London's art deco jewel of Senate House in Bloomsbury. The first guest to head to camera is a man who has flown in that morning from Antwerp. He wants to know whether his airfare has been worthwhile as he shows a carved whalebone scrimshaw bought recently at auction. Meanwhile, Fiona is entranced by a brick from Pudding Lane that survived the Great Fire of London in 1666, and some of the flashiest jewellery seen in recent years has expert and visitor eyes out on stalks. But perhaps the most remarkable piece brought to camera is Molly, an artist's stuffed model used in the studios of some of the most famous Parisian painters of the early 19th century.
Nymans 2 40x04
Fiona Bruce and the experts visit the Nymans garden near Crawley. Items brought to the cameras include a Picasso-designed ceramic once used as an ash tray.
Nymans 1 40x03
Fiona Bruce and the team head to the magnificent setting of Nymans garden near Crawley for a busy day combing through family treasures.Objects exciting the experts include an axe which was reputedly used byMallory for his 1922 Everest expedition, a sofa that starred in a classic movie and a diver's watch. Closing honours go to a 'bag of trinkets' found on top of a wardrobe which leaves the owner open-mouthed at her unexpected discovery.
Minehead Railway Station 1 40x02
On one of the wettest days in Roadshow history, over 2,000 visitors queue to see Fiona Bruce and the experts sheltering under the canopy at Minehead Station, which is run by West Somerset Railway. Objects brought to camera include a bracelet made from jewels once owned by the last of the Romanovs, the Russian royal family, photographs from the day The Beatles came to film A Hard Day's Night and a bronze by sculptor Rodin.
Castle Howard 40x01
Fiona Bruceand the team roll out their 40th anniversary tour as they scour the country in search of hidden treasures. The magnificent Castle Howard in Yorkshire is their first stop as thousands of visitors raid their attics to bring in family heirlooms to show the experts. Objects brought to light suggest that, four decades on, there are plenty of unrecognised and valuable pieces still out there. A letter in which Darwin admits to making a mistake in The Origin of Species stuns book specialistClive Farahar. A diamond brooch draws gasps of delight as the owner is advised of the value. And could it really be a lost work by Renoir that art specialist Philip Mould ferrets out? There is also a very emotional meeting for Roadshow regular Ronnie Archer Morgan when he is vividly reminded of his most important childhood memory.
Unscreened Gems 39x26
Fiona Bruce introduces unscreened gems from recent shows. Experts investigate some fascinating finds, including a garnet and diamond cross believed by the owner to have been gifted by Marie Antoinette en route to the guillotine. A suitcase of unopened letters from an imprisoned soldier in World War I finally reveal their secrets. There is also an attractive Arts and Crafts casket once intended to be the final resting place of a grandmother's ashes. And an emblem of survival amidst the chaos and destruction of Berlin at the end of World War II is touchingly depicted by a plaque of a butterfly made from crushed brick, tiles and broken glass taken from the ruins.
Holker Hall 1 39x25
The team travel to the Lake District where Fiona Bruce and the experts meet hundreds of local visitors proudly bringing their family treasures for evaluation.There's an eclectic mix of objects featured ranging from a writing desk from the Czars Palace bought after the Russian Revolution, over 100 vintage fire helmets owned by a former firefighter, Edwardian weight lifting equipment still in use today by a 75 year old owner, and a collection of glam rock stage costumes. But closing honours goes to a rare collection of signed first editions by Beatrix Potter still owned by descendants of the writer's solicitor.
Caversham 2 39x24
Fiona Bruce and the team are in the grounds of BBC Caversham near Reading.Items featured include a communion book originally owned by the poet Wilfred Owen, an Aston Martin first driven by an RAF group captain in World War II, and a remarkably well preserved, finely embroidered stumpwork box from the 17th century that brings gasps of delight and surprise when its value is announced.

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