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Windermere Jetty 1 43x06
Fiona Bruce and the team are at Windermere Jetty Museum in the Lake District, where finds include a James Bond poster, a tribal mask and rare necklaces with surprising values.
Bodnant Garden 1 43x05
The roadshow is at Bodnant Garden in north Wales, where finds include a pair of sailor's valentines from Barbados, a rare tandem bike and a candlestick from Liverpool Cathedral.
Culzean Castle 1 43x04
Fiona Bruce and the team are at Culzean Castle in Scotland, where treasures include a letter from President Eisenhower and one of the most valuable tables ever seen on the show.
Newby Hall 1 43x03
The roadshow is at Newby Hall in Yorkshire, where the finds include an intriguing letter from Lord Nelson, a piece of the set from Live Aid and a ring picked up in a pawn shop.
Christchurch Mansion 1 43x02
Fiona Bruce presents from Christchurch Park in Ipswich, where the treasures brought in include an heirloom Rolex, items from a land speed record and a necklace worth £500,000.
Forty Hall 1 43x01
Antiques Roadshow is at Forty Hall in north London, where treasures include a policeman's helmet worn by John Lennon, a 1970s set of Star Wars toys and a Faberge cigarette case.
The Best of the Summer, Part 3 42x23
Fiona Bruce shares some of the best unseen items from recent roadshows, from a possible Banksy to an African spear linked to the explorer Livingstone.
The Best of the Summer, Part 2 42x22
Fiona Bruce shares some of the best unseen items from recent Roadshows, from a set of designer jewelry to an ancient strong-box and some engraved glasses with a curious past.
The Battle of Britain and the Blitz 42x21
To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, Fiona meets one of the last remaining Battle of Britain pilots and flies in a Spitfire.
The Best of the Summer 42x20
Fiona Bruce shares the best unseen items from roadshows around the UK, from space memorabilia to a jewel-encrusted dagger and a much-loved rocking horse.

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